After Day 2 at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 it hit me: Collector Pins  are all the rage this year. Sure, enamel metal pins are nothing new, they’ve been around for decades promoting everything under the sun, from politics to film. However, SDCC 2017 brought to focus how popular pins are this year as pop culture collectibles.


Comic-Con HQ set the stage for the collector pin invasion by providing one free to everyone that registered to attend. The SDCC pin trend continued with FanSets and their exclusive partnering with Comic-Con as the official “Swag Bag” pin (read our story HERE). Each bag contained one of six different exclusive FanSets DC Comics Justice League pins, including BatmanThe FlashSupergirl, SupermanWonder Woman and Green Arrow (I got Green Arrow). The promotion prompted SDCC attendees to hook up with their friends in an attempt to “collect them all”.


FanSets also teamed up with Fandango Fanshop to produce several exclusive limited edition pins, including a Wonder Woman 2-pack and the wonderful Batman San Diego 2017 pin limited to only 400 pieces.


Pin mania continued to spread into the convention itself. They are a hot exclusive item for some booths, including retailer Toynk and their collection from The Walking Dead, Westworld, Cuphead and more (full details on those HERE). Collector pins are also being offered as incentives to visit a booth. These include three “biochips” if you play the new Rogue Trooper video game at the 2000 AD booth and the awesome Weyland-Yutani 6-pack given to those that partake in the Alien: Covenant “Colonist Certification Test” (check them out HERE).1rogue

Nice and weighty, easy to pocket, and affordable to collect, pop culture collectible pins are all the rage at San Diego Comic-Con 2017… and with so many great designs available, most likely long into the future. The round button pin is so yesterday. Long live the enamel metal collector pin.

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