By Scott Rubin


The Spanish company Knight Models has been producing incredible metal miniatures for years, pumping out fantastic characters from Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics, Lord of the Rings, and more.  Their DC miniatures games are going strong with recent releases capturing heroes and villains from the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad films alongside the titanic characters from the comic books, but something new is on the horizon as well.  Knight Models is set to unleash a Harry Potter Miniatures Game upon the world in just a few short months, and fans are rabid to get any information on what promises to be an epic tabletop experience.  Fully endorsed by J. K. Rowling, the Harry Potter game captures the characters as they appear in the Warner Bros. films with superb sculpts and dynamic poses, shrinking down the iconic actors to 35mm scale.  The game will offer multiple 3-packs of figures letting you collect a wide range of wizards, witches, and more from Hogwarts and beyond.

At GAMA Trade Show 2017 Knight Models was not in attendance, but U.S. partner Golden Distribution was on hand with a selection of minis that caught the attention of everyone in the exhibit hall.  On a wall display was a variety of DC characters from comic book, television, and film properties all painted expertly and holding court in Knight Models terrain that really makes their games fun.  Check out our photo gallery for all the images of those and more.

But front and center were multiple figures from the Harry Potter game, some fully painted and others just put together for the show!  These miniatures look fantastic and are beautiful when painted.  See our photos here and in the GAMA gallery for closer looks at Harry himself, Hermione, Ron, a Death Eater, Bellatrix, and Severus Snape.  Attendees even had the opportunity to take home a special promotional pre-release figure of Professor Snape, and it has an absolutely perfect Alan Rickman likeness that’s going to be a joy to paint.  The mini itself is metal, one piece with an included base.  It’s not easy to see all of the detail in photos of raw metal minis, but check out the pics as well as the painted example at the Golden Distribution booth for comparison.  Also note that I didn’t fully mount the figure in the base so as to show off the Harry Potter-branded tab at its feet.

We’re keen to learn more about the Harry Potter Miniatures Game coming in a few months, as well as all of the other great minis from Knight Models in their DC lines and more!


Scott Rubin

Harry Potter Miniatures Game

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