NECA announces a new action figure collecting club for their 7-inch scale ALIEN action figures: NECA CLUB x ALIEN. Each year, buy every 7” scale NECA Alien action figure that they release on the NECA CLUB x ALIEN website, and you’re eligible for a year-end, 100% exclusive figure… and along the way, NECA will throw in a few bonuses, also 100% exclusive to the club.

The 2017 program begins with Aliens Series 11, and will include a total of approximately 13 figures.unnamed (11)Packed in with Series 11 and Series 12, Club members will find a very special chapter of Alien collectibles history. The 3-D pop-up Space Base playset was exclusive to the UK with certain Kenner action figures in the mid 1990s. Now, 20 years later, NECA is bringing this back just for the Club, and they have increased the size of the set to be in scale with their7” Aliens action figures.

Each of the 6 pieces NECA has replicated was a different “zone” of the base, like the Lab Area or Main Control Deck, and each had part of a running story on the back. When fully, assembled the Space Base extends over 3 feet in length and is 11” tall.

Three of the pieces will be included with Series 11, and three with Series 12 as part of our effort to reward the loyalty of the completionists enrolling in NECA CLUB x ALIEN!

To join and for further details on NECA CLUB x ALIEN, visit

NECA Alien Club Diorama

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