Comicave Studios announces that their long awaited Omni Class 1/12 Scale Die-cast Mechanical Hulkbuster is now ready for pre-order globally.

Limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide, the figure has a recommended retail price of $400. U.S. distribution is being handled by Global Holdings.


This figure comes with movable helmet and chest armor to expose a Mark 43 half-bust inside. The mechanical movement of the chest armor is activated by a push of a button on back of the figure itself, unlike its larger version, the 1/4 Scale Hulkbuster which activates by a remote control.


Its die-cast content is up to 75%, with articulated systems and mechanisms throughout its suit, such as the retractable 3-tier forearm armor, articulated hands and fingers, two spring-loaded mechanism on each heel and more. Extensive LED lights are featured on this figure as well, in its eyes, chest Arc Reactor, palms, back, knees calves and soles.

Targeted release date is in end January 2017.

Comicave Studios 1/12 Hulkbuster

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