My first thread... So Hi everyone!

I am collecting the great Muppet-Figures from palisades for a few years. I began, when palisades finished the muppet-series and startet the sesame-street-series. I'm not that power-collector, so much too late I heard /read of the fall of palisades. What happened? Okay, sesame street never startet really (I saw lot of pics of this Super-Grover... Does it really exist?)... and for a while ebay germany was a good source. But today there are some Adventure-Kermits, some Gonzos and Short-Hair-Piggys. Some lost containers... Even at ebay US the stuff ist getting rar. (If I want to buy a 9.99$-figure, I have to pay 400% shipping I use to prefer german merchants, - that makes every figure a hard-to-get-figure... ;-) So what happened to all the wonderful Staetler and Waldorfs? What happens to the rights for muppet and sesame?

Has anybody an idea, how I ever should comlete my 50%-Muppet-Collection (without getting poor)? Has anybody links to communities? Or a neighbor with a huge Muppet-Collection? ;-)

Maybe the right place for this question...

Greetings from cold Berlin, Germany, greengobee

(collecting Palisades Muppets and various TV and movie series (Neca, McFarlane)