Spooky duo return to Spencers with creepy new updates...

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[/SIZE][/FONT]This is the second time this theme has been reinterpreted by the spooky dolls.
The first American Gothic Living Dead Doll set, created in 2004, was a huge hit, "It was one of their best selling exclusives!" commented Damien Glonek, co-creator of the Living Dead Dolls. "They were an instant classic."
Because of the success of the original edition and continuous public demand, Mezco decided to revisit the set. "We see fans at conventions and without fail they as if have more of those two dolls," said Ed Long, co-creator of the dolls. "This year we decided to make that request come true!"

Far from a run of the mill reissue, the new dolls have significant differences from their predecessors. The new edition features the updated doll bodies, which feature ball joints for a far greater range of motion. In response to customer requests, the dolls are "bloody". "Bloody makes sense," Glonek said gleefully, "After all, there are lots of sharp tools on a farm."

Lastly, and certainly most notably, the faces have been totally redesigned. The redesign is still clearly inspired by the same source, but is markedly different from the original issue.

The Living Dead Dolls Presents American Gothic are now available exclusively at over 700 Spencerís stores nationwide.