Before I start there are 2 things I would like to share. 1. I'm not into the big whole zombie thing, but when I recently saw some artwork I had to try it out as a custom. 2. The artwork and credit for this custom goes to fans (username) Sha/Zerocool. I give 85% credit to these guys for the amazing artwork/concept. Now there some changes from the artwork to my custom. This recipe is one part MOTUC Heman head, body, arms, upper legs. and the other parts are from MOTUC Skeletor hands, lower legs & feet. The chest piece and the extra loin cloth pieces are from 200X figures. I dremeled the Heman's jaw off, added aves apoxy to it, and after using a mold from Skeletor jaw, I used the mold to make the impression onto to Heman. So I'm putting it out there! Lol! I didnít sculpted the head totally . I sculpted the defective skin tissue around the armor, boots and gaulets.

As for the painting , I scrubbed lightly over the figure with a scotch pad. I had to dissemble the figure. I boiled it in black RIT dye. I soaked it a long time. I think it really worked! Then with thin layers of Testors Acrylics paint I added dark and light gray skin tones. Then using Apple Barrel Craft paints I rubbed in pinks, purples, and blacks. I would suggest using these paints for primary paints for your figure, but these paints are awesome with light washes and rubbing colors where there are details.

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