I started out collecting Hasbro a long time ago. My main interest was Lüftwaffe figures. After purchasing every thing I could find WWII Axis, I started kit bashing UDT Seals. Black Jump suit recon rangers etc... Then I got the guts to buy a Triad Female figure.

For some reason it was more fun buying really authentic looking head sculpts and making a better version of Kate Beckinsale or Laura Croft that was being offered with plastic hair. And they really are more fun to look at.

However; recently, (with the exception of Triad) the Chinese are having trouble trying to figure out what Hasbro has been making for years. A normal colored flesh Caucasian female skin tone. (light pink) Kumik is the main culprit, but now even the new Phicen's are hard to find. Has anybody else noticed this "Orange" skin tone that Kumik is trying to pass off as Caucasian?

Or is it just me?