REVIEW: ADVANCE LOOK: WizKids Games DC HeroClix World’s Finest Fast Forces Pack

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    ADVANCE LOOK: WizKids Games DC HeroClix World’s Finest Fast Forces Pack

    Alternate Dials For Iconic Heroes & Villains Plus Cool New 3D Object...


    For hobby miniatures and all your gaming needs, including WizKids HeroClix, visit!

    Our coverage of WizKids Games’ latest DC HeroClix expansion, World’s Finest, has brought you advance looks at a brick of boosters (see that HERE) and the exclusive reveal of the Release Day Organized Play Kit figure Streaky the Supercat (HERE). Today, we go beyond the boosters to give you a look at the Fast Forces pack that will be in stores the same day as the full set, February 10th. The World’s Finest Fast Forces brings you six figures from the main set with totally new dials plus a very cool new 3D special object. These packs are great for new players who can easily build teams right out of the box as well as veterans looking for alternate versions of their favorite characters... and this set comes with two of the most popular ever. The World’s Finest Fast Forces brings you Superman and Batman along with Nightwing, Poison Ivy, Toymaster, Lex Luthor, and the Weapon Drop special object!

    All Fast Forces sets come in the same basic packaging, easily identifiable on store shelves beside the standard boosters. The pack consists of a tall, clear plastic clamshell through which the six figures and special object are visible. There’s a blue and white backdrop behind the tray of contents, and all around the package is artwork of the two heroes who best exemplify the name “World’s Finest.” On the front panel below the figures is a small image of Batman and Superman, really a thumbnail of the full size artwork on the back that reveals the Man of Steel punching a bad guy and the Caped Crusader firing his grapnel gun. On either side of the package is a solo shot of one of the heroes looking serious and stern.

    In 1941 DC Comics began a new title called World’s Best Comics featuring the adventures of Superman, Batman, Robin, and others. However, due to a legal concern the book changed names at the second issue to the now familiar World’s Finest Comics. This would be the start of a long history of Superman and Batman appearing and working together, and of course the use of the name World’s Finest for blockbuster team ups (usually involving a Kryptonian and a Batman Family member). In addition to the two headliners, this Fast Forces brings together characters who have appeared in stories that featured Batman and Superman, and specifically the “World’s Finest” first arc of the Superman/Batman book that began in 2003. Those include Batman’s ally and former Robin Nightwing, the heroic creator of the Batman/Superman Robot Toymaster (Hiro Okamura), and the evil President Lex Luthor. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy is famous for her part in the Hush storyline, which is celebrated throughout the World’s Finest HeroClix set.

    With the possible exception of Toymaster, all of these characters are pretty well known and so you generally know what to expect when you’re going to see Superman, Batman, and the rest. The sculpts and paint jobs from World’s Finest do not disappoint, bringing us new versions of these heroes and villains that look true to their comic book appearances. Luthor is commanding and domineering in his dark suit and white shirt, arms crossed in front of him as he stares down anyone who would dare to oppose him. Poison Ivy has a fun pose with one hand on her hip and the other reaching out to ensnare a poor victim, and there’s a great amount of detail in the texture of her clothing and hair as well as the precise paint work on her face. One of the most dynamic figures in this set is Toymaster who’s clearly pumped to be working with his idols; Hiro leans forward with a fist in the air while wearing his cool techie outfit complete with Superman/Batman logo on the chest and a pair of goggles pushed up onto his forehead. A lunging pose befits Nightwing wearing his iconic black and blue costume while his mentor Batman throws down with a chop and a punch as his cape flows out behind him. And lastly Superman stands in one of the most famous “superhero poses” of all time with feet shoulder width apart, fists at his waist, and head held high in his most famous blue, red, and yellow costume.

    The bad guys in this pack don’t make a solid team on their own but provide a great base when paired with other figures. Lex and Ivy together are 125 or 75 points depending on which starting line you use for Pamela. Add Toymaster to that mix (for science) and it bumps the group up to 175 or 125. The good guys offer a lot more options both within this Fast Forces group and with figures outside of it. Superman, Batman, and Nightwing at their highest starting values (150/100/50) add up to an even 300 points for a super easy team. Alternatively, drop Batman to his lower starting line (50) and you can fit in Toymaster as well for more support at 300 points. If you want to use these figures to fill out a bigger team you can drop Superman, Batman, and Nightwing to their lower starting values (100/50/25) and get the foursome with Toymaster for the bargain basement price of only 225, leaving you 75 points to add another attacker, support piece, resource, etc. Lastly, if you like to field mixed teams of heroes and villains bring the whole Fast Forces party together for 400 points by dropping Poison Ivy and Nightwing to their rookie levels (25/25).

    So what kind of alternate dials do these heroes and villains offer to new and experienced HeroClix players? First off, you’ll notice that they’re all on the economical side which is a boon for team building. Superman is a mid-sized 8 click “brick” for 150 points (5 clicks for 100) with the Superman Ally team ability, a 7 range, and a trait that lets him use Probability Control on enemy attacks when adjacent to an ally named Batman. Supes has a full dial of move and attack options with Charge, Hypersonic Speed, and Sidestep while he’s protected by a special power granting Invincible and Willpower for the front half of his dial and Toughness at the end. There’s no Super Strength or Penetrating/Psychic Blast on this dial though he does have a nice late run of Close Combat Expert.

    The Batman clocks in at 100 points with his team ability, a 5 range, and the same trait as Superman that works when he’s next to Clark. He also has another trait giving him the Weapon Drop special object for free (more on that below). Batman is a swiss army knife of attack and mobility options with a special power giving him Running Shot when he has no action tokens, Charge when he has one, and Sidestep when he has two, and then late-dial Leap/Climb. His attack slot has starting Incapacitate and Outwit pops up on both starting lines. Defensively Batman has a special power giving him Willpower and Toughness before switching to late-dial Super Senses.

    A low point Nightwing (50 or 25) is good for cleaning up enemy minions with the Outsiders team ability, 5 range, a trait making him a wild card, a special power combining Leap/Climb, Sidestep, and Stealth, and some Combat Reflexes and Willpower.

    Lex Luthor’s criminal enterprises make him an outstanding president, and for 50 points he offers the Police team ability, a 4 range, a full dial of Outwit, and a special power adding Leadership as though he was 150 points with a bonus that whenever that roll succeeds allies within 8 squares can use Sidestep and get +1 attack for that turn! Just remember to keep Luthor safe to use those powers with his Stealth and a second special power letting him use Mastermind as though he was 150 points. Poison Ivy has a fun dial that can be played at 75 or 25 points with a 4 range and a trait giving her permanent Mind Control and a +1 defense boost while adjacent to a figure with a printed team ability. Her dial is wall-to-wall colors with Stealth, Poison, Smoke Cloud, Barrier, Energy Shield/Deflection, Exploit Weakness, and Shape Change. The main set Toymaster is only 30 points and offers two very specific support benefits to your team, while this Fast Forces version ups the cost to 50 with more versatility. He has a 4 range and is a wild card who can only copy team abilities from allies 100 points or more. Hiro has Sidestep, Stealth, and Energy Shield/Deflection to get into position and stay safe while helping his allies with Telekinesis, Perplex, and a special power letting him use Probability Control on friendly characters’ attack rolls.

    Supplementing the six figures in this Fast Forces pack is the exclusive Weapon Drop special object, a super cool and thematic element that goes great with Batman or other “always prepared” character. When Bruce Wayne is in the field and he needs additional supplies he calls for an equipment drop, and this object perfectly exemplifies that both in the sculpt and how it works in the game. The Weapon Drop object is a torpedo-shaped pod that has dropped out of the sky (presumably launched from a hidden facility or deployed from a drone or some such), digging its base into the ground. It’s roughly cylindrical in shape with reinforced sides, and it has a nicely detailed sculpt with panels, segments, and a bat symbol above a handprint biometric security scanner. The Weapon Drop object costs 8 points, though this pack’s Batman can use it without paying! At the beginning of the game, roll a d6 and turn the object’s dial to that click number. To equip the Drop a figure must stand on it or hold it and spend a power action; once it’s equipped the character can as a free action choose one of the powers appearing on its dial to use this turn, then at the end of the turn roll a d6 and turn it to that number. Each click on the Weapon Drop has two powers to choose from: Quake and Pulse Wave, Empower and Enhancement, Exploit Weakness and Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Regeneration and Defend, Combat Reflexes and Energy Shield/Deflection, and Close Combat Expert and Ranged Combat Expert.

    To see all of the dials and cards for this pack check out the previews on HERE (Superman, Lex Luthor, Toymaster) and HERE (Batman, Nightwing, Poison Ivy, and Weapon Drop). The World’s Finest Fast Forces pack arrives at your local comic book or game shop next Wednesday, February 10th along with the World’s Finest main set boosters, the Release Day Organized Play Kit, and the Justice League Teleporter Case Incentive Resource. If you’re a HeroClix player (or looking to get into the game) and a fan of Superman and Batman, this is a great product for you with some of the best DC Comics characters in a format that makes it easy to pick up the game and play. It goes even better with some boosters of the main set which will give you lots more options for playing Superman, Batman, and tons of interesting and fun heroes and villains.

    Visit for even more info as well as downloads of rules and maps and a Store Locator, and check regularly as we continue our reviews of new HeroClix!

    Review and photos by Scott Rubin.

    Review sample courtesy of WizKids Games.

    For hobby miniatures and all your gaming needs, including WizKids HeroClix, visit!

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    Re: ADVANCE LOOK: WizKids Games DC HeroClix World’s Finest Fast Forces Pack

    Scott, How quickly can a group of 4-5 guys learn to play HeroClix. Some buddies and I do a game night every two weeks----Settlers of Catan, normally, and yesterday we learned Ticket to Ride----is HeroClix something we could learn in a signle 2-3 hour evening/sitting? I ask because we love the little Heroclix dudes, and most of us have a handful as shelf monkeys, but we're intimidated to learn the game.

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    Re: ADVANCE LOOK: WizKids Games DC HeroClix World’s Finest Fast Forces Pack

    You can absolutely learn the basics of HeroClix in one game session! You'll need a handful of figures (doesn't really matter which ones as you're learning), a map (which you may have to purchase or borrow from a store that runs HeroClix), and a couple downloads from

    The way I teach new players is:
    1. Learn the format of the dials/bases. The window shows you the figure's speed, attack, defense, and damage values, and on the base is its range and number of targets (if any). Speed is how many squares it can move (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). To make an attack roll 2d6 and add your Attack value. If it meets or exceeds your target's Defense you hit and it has to turn the dial a number of "clicks" equal to your Damage. If a figure has a number on its base next to the lightning bolt (or bolts) it can shoot that many squares away, otherwise it can only punch.
    2. Basic rules. Each turn a figure can do one thing: move or attack. Every time a figure is given an action you must put an Action Token on it (some people use poker chips underneath the figure or a bead or something next to it). On the following turn after a figure was given an action, you have an important choice to make. You can either 1) clear the figure of any/all tokens and assign it no actions or 2) "push" the figure and give it an action. Doing the latter applies a second action token and forces the figure to take a click of "pushing damage," like strain after exertion. No figure can have more than two action tokens, so on the third turn in this scenario you'd have to clear it. Tokens is one of the major tactical parts of the game.
    3. Check out terrain on maps and see how it affects movement. For instance, purple outlined squares are your starting areas, green is hindering terrain (figures who can't fly must stop when they enter it, are half speed coming out of it, and anyone in it gets +1 defense vs ranged attacks), red is elevated, brown is blocking.
    4. Grab a couple figures and play a simple game using only those basic rules.

    HeroClix Rulebook:

    Then the real fun begins with powers! All of the colored and outlined boxes on figures' dials are superpowers that do a number of very cool things in the game like letting you move AND attack in one action, hide in cover, shrug off damage, turn off enemies' powers, etc. To learn the powers you need the Powers and Abilities Chart (PAC) which you can find here:
    The cards that come with modern figures explain their special powers, traits, and more which add more unique elements (and complexity) to the game.

    For a while you'll need to reference the PAC when playing but you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll memorize what color is what power that has which effect. :-)

    You can also tune in every Friday night (7pm Eastern) to the HeroClix show GROUP HUG on Geek and Sundry's Twitch Channel where we play and explain the game with fun themes and cool guests:

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