I've been trying to find a figure I used to have when I was younger before it got misplaced and was no longer around for me to properly appreciate it. I can't remember any names that might help but I have a perfect picture of it in my head so I'll do my best to describe it and hopefully that can help.

I'm looking for a green and black/grey mecha figure. It's designed to look like it has armor plates bolted on (green) over the under layer (the black/grey part). It came with several accessories. For weapons it had a hand held bazooka looking thing that went in its right hand, it also had a shoulder mounted missile launcher that was perpendicular to the shoulder but angled down in the back. It had a tapered shield that attached to its forearm with the thinner end extending over the hand.

it was probably around 7-9 inches tall. It looked bulky because it was going for the heavy armor design. I'm almost certain I got it from the shinders card stores in Minnesota before they went out of business so probably around 2005-2008.

I don't know if it was from a show/game/series. But I know it's not from transformers, power rangers, and it's not the zakus from gundam.

Any my help anyone can give me I'm trying to finally find this again would be great.