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    REVIEW: WizKids Games Star Trek Attack Wing Reinforcements Blind Boosters

    New Decos & Paint Schemes On Exclusive Tournament Ships...

    For hobby miniatures and all your gaming needs, including WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing, visit!

    WizKids’ Star Trek Attack Wing is the fast-paced miniatures game that lets you replicate starship battles using the great ships from across the different eras of Star Trek on television and films. Captain and Upgrade cards make the game highly customizable, letting you set up and equip your ships with crew, weapons, technology, and more. Most of the ships you’ll use in your games come from expansion packs (sold at your local comic book/game store), though of course there are also limited edition vessels you can win as prizes in tournaments. One of the coolest additions to the game has been blind boosters, packs that include one ship and a handful of Upgrades for use in a sealed/part-sealed tournament setting. Previous blind booster series brought us unique ships in “Resistance Is Futile” and “The Collective,” but now for 2016 WizKids has unleashed a whole new set that goes above and beyond anything we’ve seen before: the Reinforcements!

    The Reinforcements blind booster set is comprised of 10 unique ships for 10 different factions in the game, and each ship features cool new looks with unique decos/paint jobs, translucent plastic, and/or metallic paints. This is a theme we’ve seen in recent expansion waves as WizKids differentiates new ships that continue to utilize existing sculpts, giving us new features for the battlefield and your fleets. The Reinforcements offer new ships for many of the popular factions: Bajoran, Dominion, Federation, Ferengi, Kazon, Klingon, Mirror Universe (Klingon ship), Romulan, Species 8472, and Vulcan, and they jump right out of memorable Star Trek episodes. In addition, the packs are streamlined so that you can quickly get to know their contents; each one comes with one unique captain and four Upgrade cards. Naturally each vessel works great with all of its included Upgrades loaded onto it, and they further expand your existing fleets with more options. So, let’s take a look at all of the Reinforcements ships!

    Bajoran: Interceptor 8/Bajoran Interceptor

    A dedicated attack craft featuring Bajoran resistance characters from The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

    -2/3/3/0 (2/3/3/0 generic) - +1 Attack Die when attacking from outside a target’s forward arc
    -Captain Shakaar Edon (Skill 6, Cost 4) - Re-roll blank results when attacking
    -Pursuit Elite Talent (Cost 5) - When attacking a ship you have Target Locked discard this card to add +2 Attack Dice. Limited to use on ships with Hull 3 or less
    -Ro Laren Crew (Cost 5) - When rolling Attack Dice discard this card to gain +2 Attack Dice. A Bajoran ship with this Upgrade can re-roll one Battle Stations result in the Modify Attack Dice step
    -Phaser Strike Weapon (Cost 5) - 4 Attack Dice, Range 1-3. Action: In the Combat phase attack with this Weapon and a Captain Skill of 10. Or, disable this card to perform its attack, with Range combat bonuses. Can only be purchased ships with Hull 3 or less
    -Navigational Sensors Tech (Cost 5) - Disable this card after performing a Come About Maneuver to perform an additional maneuver immediately!

    For more information on this ship see

    Dominion: Aldara/Cardassian Galor Class

    A solid team player offering friendly buffs and coordination, this ship comes from the Deep Space Nine episode “Past Prologue,” the captain from “Emissary,” and Federation spy crew member from “Change of Heart”.

    -4/1/4/4 (4/1/4/3 generic) - Once per round when a ship in your forward arc moves before you’ve moved you can change your maneuver
    -Captain Gul Jasad (Skill 5, Cost 3) - Activate his Action and when rolling Attack Dice you may add +1 dice for EACH ally within Range 2 (max +2) in exchange for getting an Auxiliary Power Token
    -Concentrated Firepower Elite Talent (Cost 5) - Action: discard to target 1 enemy at Range 3 and all friendly ships attacking it this round with Primary Weapons gain +1 attack die!
    -Glinn Lasaran Crew (Cost 3) - Discard to add +2 Defense Dice during Roll Defense Dice
    -Aft Weapons Array (Cost 3) - 4 attack dice, Range 1-3, can only fire at a ship outside your forward arc
    -High Energy Subspace Field Tech (Cost 5) - Between any phases discard to steal an Evasion, Scan, or Battle Stations token from a ship within Range 3 and place it on yours! You can’t perform any actions (before or after) this round, and it’s limited to one per ship

    For more information on this ship see

    Federation: U.S.S. Lakota/Excelsior Class

    Reenact the epic Deep Space Nine two-parter “Homefront” and “Paradise Lost” with this ship and its captain who rebelled against the Federation and fought the U.S.S. Defiant.

    -3/1/5/4 (3/1/5/3 generic) - When attacking you can upgrade a regular hit to a critical hit in exchange for an Auxiliary Power Token
    -Captain Erika Benteen (Skill 4, Cost 3) - As an Action disable her and all Weapon Upgrades (at least one) to prevent you and an enemy within Range 3 from attacking each other this round
    -Defy Orders Elite Talent (Cost 4) - After all ships have moved if an enemy is in your forward firing arc you can discard to perform an additional white or green maneuver, but you can’t attack this round
    -Tuvok Crew (Cost 3) - Discard to perform Scan as a free Action
    -Upgraded Phasers Weapon (Cost 3) - +1 attack die when using your Primary Weapon, and once per round if you hit an Attack Squadron you can make a second attack against the same target
    -Micro Power Relays Tech (Cost 3) - Action: repair your Hull of 1 non-critical damage or flip over all critical damage cards on this ship

    For more information on this ship see

    Ferengi: Nunk’s Marauder/D’Kora Class

    Another Ferengi always looking to get ahead, the scheming Nunk (along with his ship) was seen in the Voyager episode “Inside Man,” while its crew member was a disreputable arms dealer in The Next Generation episode “Unification II”.

    -3/1/4/3 (3/1/4/2 generic) - In the Activation phase perform a Scan Action as a free Action, then apply an Auxiliary Power Token to your ship
    -Captain Nunk (Skill 6, Cost 4) - If an enemy ship with a Scan Token is within Range 3 after you move, perform a Battle Stations Action as a free Action
    -Kidnap Elite Talent (Cost 5) - As an Action disable all remaining Shields and target an un-Cloaked ship within Range 2 with no Active Shields. Discard this card to steal 1 Crew Upgrade from that ship, or if that Upgrade would exceed your ship’s restrictions then discard it instead of stealing it
    -Omag Crew (Cost 5) - Between any Phases discard this card to remove a Disabled Token from one of your Weapon Upgrades or when declaring a target while attacking discard to target a ship within Range 3. Disable a non-Borg Weapon Upgrade that costs 4 or less on that ship and perform its attack as if it were on your ship!
    -Weapon Ports Weapon (Cost 4) - 4 Attack Dice, Range 1-3. Disable to perform the attack, which can only come from your forward firing arc, and while this card is disable you roll -1 Defense Die. If you hit an Attack Squadron with this weapon for each uncanceled hit or critical hit discard 1 Attack Squadron Upgrade (maximum 3)
    -Geodesic Pulse Tech (Cost 5) - Action: perform an immediate additional maneuver at speed 2 or less, though you cannot attack this round. If this maneuver overlaps another ship’s base you can still perform an Action, and you don’t suffer damage from Obstacles

    For more information on this ship see

    Kazon: Nistrim-Culluh/Predator Class

    Culluh and his Kazon-Nistrim were an early hindrance to the titular ship in Voyager, constantly scheming to steal its elite technology.

    -4/1/5/3 (4/1/5/2 generic) - Gain +1 Attack Dice per friendly ship at Range 1 (max 2) when attacking a ship at Range 3
    -Captain Culluh (Skill 6, Cost 4) - Roll +1 Defense Die for each Tech Upgrade on your ship (max 2) when defending
    -Ambition Elite Talent (Cost 5) - Discard this card when attacking a ship with more Upgrades to get +2 Attack Dice during Roll Attack Dice or re-roll any number of Attack Dice during Modify Attack Dice
    -Rulat Crew (Cost 3) - Discard to re-roll any number of dice when attacking or defending
    -Photonic Charges Weapon (Cost 4) - 4 Attack Dice, Range 1. Disable to attack. If at least one regular or critical damage gets through also place an Auxiliary Power Token on the target ship
    -Stolen Technology Tech (Cost 3) - Action: discard to perform any Action on a non-Borg Tech Upgrade on any opposing ship within Range 3

    For more information on this ship see

    Klingon: I.K.S. Buruk/K’Vort Class

    Klingons love to fight and this booster gives you cool new options with a ship and captain from The Next Generation episode “Reunion,” and the brilliant warp field scientist crew from “Suspicions”.

    -4/1/5/3 (4/1/5/2 generic) - Roll +1 Defense Die when defending if you are not Cloaked and there is a friendly ship within Range 2. Place an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship
    -Captain Duras (Skill 6, Cost 4) - When rolling Attack Dice discard any number of Upgrades to gain +1 Attack Die for each discarded with this ability!
    -Dishonorable Tactics Elite Talent (Cost 3) - When Modifying Attack Dice for a Primary Weapon attack discard this card and target a friendly ship within Range 3. Disable 1 Upgrade on that ship to re-roll any of your Attack Dice, and you may discard that Upgrade to re-roll any of your dice a second time!
    -Kurak Crew (Cost 3) - When taking damage discard to disable up to 2 Shields instead of losing them
    -Ambush Attack Weapon (Cost 5) - If your ship is Cloaked when the Combat Phase begins you can discard this card to attack first using your Primary Weapon. If this attack hits an Attack Squadron disable one of the Squadron’s Upgrades
    -Targeting Systems Tech (Cost 4) - In the Activation Phase discard this card to perform a Target Lock as a free Action. Limit one per ship

    For more information on this ship see

    Mirror Universe: I.K.S. Toh’Kaht/Vor’Cha Class

    Tragedy befell the Toh’Kaht when it returned from the Gamma Quadrant in the Deep Space Nine episode “Dramatis Personae,” while this captain was an honorable warrior in “Apocalypse Rising”.

    -5/1/5/3 (5/1/5/2 generic) - Action: place a Scan Token and an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship
    -Captain Kaybok (Skill 3, Cost 2) - When attacking re-roll attack dice equal to the number Tech and Weapon Upgrades on the defending ship (no maximum!)
    -Covert Mission Elite Talent (Cost 5) - Action: while not Cloaked disable your remaining Shields and discard this card to steal 1 Weapon Upgrade (Cost 5 or less) from an un-Cloaked ship with no Active Shields within Range 2
    -Hon-Tihl Crew (Cost 5) - Discard to gain +2 Attack Dice when attacking with your Primary Weapon. If the attack was made against an Attack Squadron you can make a second attack against the same target with only 2 Attack Dice. The round you use this Upgrade you cannot roll any Defense Dice
    -Thalmerite Explosive Weapon (Cost 5) - 6 Attack Dice, Range 1-2, discard to perform the attack. If the target ship is not Cloaked and has no Active Shields and there is at least one uncanceled critical hit, draw 2 cards and choose one to apply. If this attack is successful at a ship at Range 1 your ship also suffers 1 damage
    -Reactor Core Tech (Cost 2) - After you reveal your maneuver but before you move, disable this card to increase or decrease your speed by 1 (but use the same type of template in the same direction). The maneuver is now a red maneuver, and ships may only have one of this Upgrade

    For more information on this ship see

    Romulan: I.R.W. Belak/D’Deridex Class

    Romulans get even more dirty tricks with this ship and captain from the Deep Space Nine episode “The Die Is Cast,” and the isolationist crew from The Next Generation episodes “Gambit, Parts I & II”.

    -3/2/6/4 (3/2/6/3 generic) - Re-roll one Battle Stations result when defending, re-roll all if cloaked
    -Captain Lovok (Skill 3, Cost 2) - Re-roll all blank Attack results in exchange for an Auxiliary Power Token. -Also lets you field the Tal Shiar Elite Talent Upgrade
    -Tal Shiar Elite Talent (Cost 5) - After all ships have locked their maneuvers but before any movement happens, discard to look at the dial of a ship within Range 3 AND add a Battle Stations Token to your ship. Can’t perform a Battle Stations Action this round
    -Tallera Crew (Cost 3) - Pick a ship up to Range 2 and roll one attack die. If the result is a hit or critical hit discard this card AND a Crew Upgrade on the targeted ship!
    -Aft Disruptor Emitters Weapon (Cost 2) - 3 attack dice, Range 1-3, can only fire at a ship outside your forward arc
    -Modified Cloaking Device Tech (Cost 5) - On the round you Cloak you can only be target locked by a ship in Range 1, and you can roll full defense even when an enemy is Scanning

    For more information on this ship see

    Species 8472: Bioship Omega/Species 8472 Bioship

    One of the only species to survive the depredations of the Borg and even pose a threat to the cybernetic beings, the creatures known as Species 8472 had incredible organic technology and were featured in Voyager.

    -6/2/5/6 (6/2/5/5 generic) - Whenever you inflict 2 critical damage to a ship you may flip those cards upside down and rotate the ship 90 degrees!
    -Bioship Omega Pilot Captain (Skill 2, Cost 1) - As an Action disable this card and 2 Active Shields to inflict 1 critical damage on a ship at Range 1
    -Energy Weapon (Cost 4) - During movement if an enemy ends up in your forward arc you may discard this card to make an immediate attack with your Primary Weapon at -3 attack dice and get an Auxiliary Power Token
    -Neuro Peptides Tech (Cost 2) - During Activation discard this card to perform an Action from your Action Bar as a free Action
    -Organic Conduits Tech (Cost 1) - Upon revealing a red maneuver discard this card to treat it as a white maneuver
    -Resistant Hull Tech (Cost 1) - Roll full defense even when an enemy is Scanning, and if a Borg Upgrade affects your Captain or Upgrades roll 1 defense die. An Evade result cancels the effect!

    For more information on this ship see

    Vulcan: Seleya/D’Kyr Class

    A versatile ship and set of Upgrades with re-rolls, token replacements, and more, this vessel and crew appeared in the Enterprise episodes “The Expanse” and “Impulse,” and its captain in “Fusion”.

    -3/1/5/4 (3/1/5/3 generic) - +1 Defense Die when defending with a Scan Token on your ship
    -Captain Tavin (Skill 4, Cost 3) - At any point replace an Evade, Scan, or Battle Stations Token on your ship with any of the others, in return for applying an Auxiliary Power Token to your ship
    -V’Tosh Ka’Tur Elite Talent (Cost 5) - In the Roll Attack Dice step while attacking discard this card and up to 3 other Upgrades or Active Shields to gain +1 Attack Die for each you discarded
    -Solin Crew (Cost 4) - Action: discard to repair up to 2 Shield Tokens
    -Aft Particle Beam Weapon (Cost 3) - 4 Attack Dice, Range 1-3. Disable to perform this attack, from your rear firing arc only
    -Power Distribution Net Tech (Cost 5) - Action: Disable this card and up to 3 Active Shields to perform an immediate green or white maneuver with speed = the number of Shields disabled

    For more information on this ship see

    There’s literally almost something here for every Attack Wing player, unless you’re one of the rare few who play Borg, Independents, or the like. For the rest of us, the Reinforcements set offers solid additions to 10 factions and a fun, randomized element to tournament play. The ships have a flat rarity meaning there’s one of each in a 10-booster brick, so get all your friends to enter an event with you and you can trade afterwards so everyone gets what they want! Check out for more information on Star Trek Attack Wing and find a participating venue near you on the WizKids Event System.

    Review and photos by Scott Rubin

    Review samples courtesy of WizKids Games

    For hobby miniatures and all your gaming needs, including WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing, visit!

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    Re: REVIEW: WizKids Games Star Trek Attack Wing Reinforcements Blind Boosters

    Thats really nice game!!

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