She's sassy, spunky, and sparkly, she's Jubilee of the X-men! I set out to create the 90's version of Jubilee by combining the upper half of a Marvel Girl, bottom half of a Wasp, boots from a Mary Batson, head from the new BAF Jubilee, and heavily modded trench coat from a 5" light up Toybiz Gambit figure. Her shorts and sleeves were sculpted using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and she was painted up in her comic colors. I also modified her plasma crackles with extensions so she could blast Sentinels and cause some real trouble!

More pictures here---> Marvel legends Jubilee

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Watch the skies of Eternia because a new evil has taken wing, it's Buzz-Kill the wasp predator! This custom Masters of the Universe Classics original character was created as a nemesis to the heroic Buzz-Off and styled after a real wasp design. Buzz-Kill was created using a basic Skeletor body, resculpted Toy Story Twitch head, Clawful hands, and different armor fodder parts. Marvel Legends Wasp wings were given ball joints and added to his back to be fully poseable. It took quite a while to hand paint the detail of each individual body section and in the end he's looking pretty waspy. Buzz Kill comes with a limited edition Spy-Monkey golden shield and sting-club as well.

More pictures here---> MotU Buzz-Kill

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He's back in black, The One, the only, Neo straight from the first Matrix movie. It's been a long time since I made a Neo and figured it was time for a revamp. Here I used the bottom half of a Winter Soldier and top torso/coat from Nick Fury Marvel Legends. The head is a modded McFarlane Neo head and Dessad hands were used along with an open-palm one from a Carnival of Souls figure. Different belts and straps were added for his webgear along with Winter Soldier's to give him a movie look. Now Neo is ready to take on Agent Smith once and for all!

More pictures here---> Custom 6" Matrix Neo