I am not a media outlet or saying 100% this is true but what is 100% true is that this is what NECA emailed back to me on my inquiry about this Master Chief 18" figure.

I pre-order the NECA Master Chief 18" from Urban Collector months ago with a shipping date of June of 2014. Well as we all can see it is not shipping in June. I have seen some places I think Entertainment Earth with a September 2014 ship date. Urban Collector always has the best price for me. I even pre-ordered the new Master CHief walking down the Forerunner ramp statue there.

So after never finding a customer service email for NECA I contacted the Media link and they very nicely said it should probably debut at the San Diego Comic Con prior to shipping.

I am wondering if there will be any variants for this like unpainted or something. Why would you debut there with something we all know about if there wasn't something special being done for it.

I mean yeah they could just kick of the sales there but I hope there is nothing because I will be unable to get it lol