When you have an army of killer robots it's only natural to want to join them on the battlefield and with the Horde Trooper Commander Armor Hordak can do just that! Standing at eight inches tall this Custom Masters of the Universe Classics Horde Trooper Commander original concept figure was created from a Marvel Legends Iron Monger BAF base, Hordak staff symbol/hood, Spawn bone links, Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt sections, and the front of a Demogoblin glider for the Trooper head. The trooper's head can be exchanged with Hordak's for a different look and the fists can be swapped out with a ray weapon and claw. She-Ra and He-Man have never fought anything like this before!

More pics here---> Horde Trooper Commander Armor


Wandering the realm of Eternia Ro-Nan the blind swordsman dispenses justice with his twin blades to all those who would threaten peace. This custom Masters of the Universe Classics figure is an original character and created using a Mo-Larr body, Icarus alt head, cloth hakama pants, and a DC Direct Aquaman armored cowl. Sodom's straw hat was modded to fit on his head and he was given two swords, a massive tech one and normal length blade. They say that justice is blind and the evil-doers of Eternia will soon find that true when Ro-Nan enters in to the picture!

More pics here---> Ro-Nan the blind swordsman