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    REVIEW: Hot Toys AvP Scar Predator and Celtic Predator

    Two Fan-Favorite Movie Masterpiece Series Figures Return For Version 2.0...

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    Hot Toys continues to compliment fans and collectors with their on-going and ever-growing line of Movie Masterpiece Series figures. Recently, they re-released two figures which originally appeared almost seven years ago as MMS008 and MMS009 - Celtic Predator and Scar Predator.

    Based on two of the popular Predators seen in 2004's Aliens Vs. Predator film, the original figures were lauded for their attention to detail; but many criticized them for their unusual body proportions. The heads were too big and the bodies and thighs too small. Now, Hot Toys has revisited both of these characters to include a better base body with more sculpted detail, improved accessories and armor, and even more impressive paint applications.


    As with other recently released MMS figures, both Scar Predator 2.0 and Celtic Predator 2.0 come in an impressive slip cover, window box package. Both figures feature matching color schemes; the blue and black detailing on the exterior highlighted by images of the specific figure and the figure's name. The interior of the box houses the form-fitted, molded plastic trays which house the figure body, the figure's individual parts and pieces and the accessories and weapons included. Overall, both packages attractively store and display the figures as they wait to be released.


    Updated to better reflect the skills and abilities of today's action figure artists (in this case, Joseph Tsang) as well as the most modern manufacturing techniques, both Celtic and Scar feature updated 1/6th scale bodies which more impressive sculpting and detailing. Minor bumps and scale-like protrusions from the body form the textured skin of each. Likewise, the individual armor plating and pieces which form the figure's outfits feature impressive detailing.

    Complimented by an impressive paint application, again by artist Joseph Tsang, the updated 1/6th Predator bodies beautifully replicate their on-screen counterparts' looks. The reptilian skin patterns detail each 1/6th scale body and accurately reflect the character's design. Again, the armored plates in all of their pitted, worn silver detail come to life as well.

    Maybe most impressive, when compared to the originally released AvP MMS figures, are the updated body proportions, which makes the Predators' heads smaller and bodies slightly larger to better match the on-screen look. Likewise, the improved body design makes for a sturdier build which better supports the figure's bulk and size (more on that in the ARTICULATION section, below).


    While articulation takes a backseat to sculpt with these two figures, both figures still feature over 22 points of articulation, including newly designed - and hidden - joints at the shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, ankles and neck. While the articulation may not be as impressive as the previously re-released City Hunter Predator 2.0, both Scar and Celtic have plenty of poseability (especially considering the amount of armor worn), leaving plenty of action pose display options for those fans looking for these two hunters to battle other 1/6th figures in their collections.

    As previously mentioned, the newly improved 1/6th scale Predator bodies feature sturdier designs to better support the larger sized bodies. This helps ensure the articulation points do not fall under the added weight of the larger figures and armor. Thankfully, all joints are strong and retain their poses well.


    A Predator wouldn't be the greatest hunter in the galaxy without his armor and weapons and both Celtic and Scar feature a solid sort of both. Scar features a full body net over both legs, body and arms as well as multiple interchangeable hands: one pair of fists, one pair of open palms, a right and left hand for holding weapons. Scar also features an articulated shoulder Plasma cannon, an extendable combi-spear, a metal dagger with leg sheath, a shuriken, a shuriken with extended blades, one pair of forearm gauntlets (right arm with six (6) interchangeable metal wrist blades and the left with a self-destruct device), a leather-like skirt, one set of interchangeable mandibles (below), a detachable bio-mask with LED light-up function and chest, back, shoulder, arm, thigh and leg armor. Scar lastly includes a simple figure stand with nameplate.

    IMG] 166[/IMG]

    Celtic includes all of the accessories included with Scar as well as a number of unique accessories, including a scenic, rocky ground/temple floor figure base with sculpted skull and alien head, two bio-masks (one with battle damage and one without) and a netgun (instead of a self-destruct device) on the left gauntlet. Overall, both Predators feature various, detailed accessories which allow collectors the opportunity to accessorize each figure, changing the look of the figures often to ensure a variety of display options.


    Hot Toys MMS190 Scar Predator features a retail price of $235 and Hot Toys MMS221 Celtic Predator (because of the additional accessories) has a retail price of $260. Considering the sheer size of these figures at 14" tall, the massive armor, the variety of accessories and weapons, the LED light-up bio-masks and the impressive new bodies; these figures will no doubt make a fine addition to both old and new collections. Unfortunately, this means many a Hot Toys Predator fans will no doubt be looking to get rid of their older MMS008 and MMS009 figures (which might be a good thing if one doesn't mind a larger head and smaller thighs).

    Overall, these newly improved Predators make for fine additions to any die-hard Predator or AvP fan's collection. While they may be outside the price range of some casual fans, there's no doubt Hot Toys MMS190 Scar Predator and MMS221 Celtic Predator make for the best action figure representations of these figures available.

    Be sure to check out the Scar Predator Photo Gallery and the Celtic Predator Photo Gallery for images of these amazing figures.

    Look for both Scar and Celtic now wherever fine action figures and pop culture collectibles are sold.

    - review by Jess C. Horsley
    - photos by Luka Zou

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    Re: REVIEW: Hot Toys AvP Scar Predator and Celtic Predator

    This means many a Hot Toys Predator fans will no doubt be looking to get rid of their older MMS008 and MMS009 figures (which might be a good thing if one doesn't mind a larger head and smaller thighs). Brick Pavers

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