Hello all!

I'm new here (Hi!) but I am an avid collector. I tried searching the site, but could not find any threads. If this is the wrong place, or I'm doing it wrong, please don't hurt me...It's just a newbie mistake.

Anyway, I received the Spider Gremlin today, and am in love with it. The problem I am having is that the ball sockets on the legs do not fit into the corresponding female socket on the figure. I know I'm not losing my mind- I've tried elbow grease, swearing and praying, offerings to the gods, etc. Those sockets are just too big! I was wondering if anyone has had success, and if you could share with me. There were no instructions, and I used photos to help from the NECA website, but I'm not having any luck.

If someone has some info on this, could you share?

I tried to uplaod pics, but could'nt make it work, again, newbie.