The Hero Project has just over 3 days to go and has only a third of its funding. This is the guys that designed the GI Joe Sigma Six design for Hasbro so they do know what they're doing and how to do it. I think this project needs to happen and have upped my own pledge but so much more is needed. Please show some support for this project by placing a pledge of your own. Even just $5.00 shows that there is another person who believes that this is something worth while.Posting a message to the team expelling what you like, and what you would change, can mean a lot to them at this point. Please remember that you will not be charged anything if full funding is not reached by the deadline. the record of those pledges though will help the team to alter there plan and focus on new goals more in line with the feedback this attempt gives them.

The Hero Project- Action Figures of World Cultural Heroes by Go Go Dynamo — Kickstarter