Hi everyone,

Just have a few questions about these figures. I have been checking these things out since they have first been released and finally decided to get some.

I just wanted to give a quick background on my collection choices.

I have always been collecting McFarlane Halo figures. Jeesh I must have over 400 of them from all the extras and triples of exclusives. I display them on a shelve system that runs around my entire bonus room which is all game stuff.

I use the main space for collectibles like the Halo 3 helmet and the Reach Statue and anything that is collectible and not just an action figure.

I decided that I would just get these now before there are too many and none left. I want to display them with my nice collectibles.

I saw that there was that silver one that only had 400 made yet I saw this same silver figure being sold by a store online. I was skeptical because it says it is the Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive but anything I read says you could only have purchased it there.

I did order it anyway along with the Master Chief they made.

Besides my concern about the exclusive I was also wanting to know why the Emile seems to be so rare and very costly as compared to the others. Common sense says it has just sold the best but for example.

You can buy it for about an average of $60 or if you buy it as a combo with June and Noble 6 it is about $46.

So anyone with knowledge about anything I have mentioned please reply.

I do not plan to nor do I play with any of these things so I am hoping they are not easily broken just from setting them up. I would only be concerned that would fall to the carpet which is about 6-7 feet below. My Legendary Brute Chieftains hammer cracked and one of my Master Chief busts broke his hand when it fell when I tried to adjust the shelf.

Thanks a lot.