The Cast of Sucker Punch

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    The Cast of Sucker Punch

    Hi all. New to this site and i'd thought id share my 1/6 scale Custom built Sucker Punch figures. It's been a great ride and an epic reawakening for me, all thanks to this great, under-appreciated, much-much-deeper-that-you-think, movie. Sucker Punch got me out of my 2 or 3 year 1/6 hiatus.

    The Cast of Sucker Punch...

    After her mother dies, Baby doll and her younger sister are left in the care of an abusive step father. During an attempt of rape, she rises up to defend herself and her sister, but instead, she ends up accidentally kills her sibling. Her step father then retaliates by committing her into an Insane Asylum, and bribes an orderly to have her Lobotomized in 5 days. Because of the trauma, Baby doll retreats into herself, into her fantasies, transforming her dark world around her into something she can fight, defeat, and accept.



    In the Asylum, Babydoll and 4 fellow inmates band together. The girls need 5 things to be able to escape, and they need to work together. While in the real world, it is never shown how the acquire the items, in Baby doll's mind, this entails fighting WW1 zombie Germans, Dragons, Orcs, Knights, and Robots...

    Sweet Pea
    Sweet Pea is the toughest and the strongest of the girls. But she is also the most cautious. She is sister to Rocket, and her caution stems from her protectiveness over her sister.

    Rocket is the mischievous imp of the group. She immediately forms a bond with Babydoll and is often at odds with her sister, Sweet pea. She also the most unwaivering of the group, even when Babydoll's resolve falters. Rocket would see it through to the end.

    Blondie carries the Big guns. 30cal, 50 cal, M249. She is outwardly fearless and gung-ho, but inside she is as scared as any of the girls...

    Amber is loyal to the end. She is ever dependable, in every and all situations. She is the group's angel in the sky.

    The Ladies of Sucker Punch....

    The Wiseman
    The Wiseman serves as Babydoll's guide to freedom. He could be a memory of a positive male figure in her real life or maybe just an idea or concept of what a father figure should be.

    Madam Gorski
    She is the surrogate mother of the girls. In the real world, she is a psychiatrist experimenting with new, more humane, methods of treating mental illness. In baby doll's mind, she is the mentor, the teacher, teaching them to how to survive their ordeals...but not how to escape. In a way, like her real mother, Gorski is aware of the abuse and corruption, but turns a blind eye, afraid to confront it directly.

    The villain. In the real world, Blue is the orderly Babydoll's step father bribes to facilitate the Lobotomy. He is just an orderly, but he has managed to slither his way to the top of the corruption within the Asylum. Babydoll reimagines him as the suave but ruthless club owner, Blue...

    The Giant Robot Demon Samurai
    The Giant Demon Samurai represent Babydoll's insecurities and everything holding her back. She is given the weapons to defeat them, but to succeed, she must fight them alone...and win.

    Everyone in the display case:


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    Re: The Cast of Sucker Punch

    Extremely well done. The movie really sucked on many levels, glad some liked it.

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    Re: The Cast of Sucker Punch

    Totally Awesome!!!

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    Re: The Cast of Sucker Punch

    wohh that's awesome

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    Re: The Cast of Sucker Punch

    Looks fantastic!
    Welcome to 7-HOBBY.COM

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