Hey all,

with Artifacts success, I've been thinking about Artifacts action-figures. Wouldn't you like TopCow to consider making awesome action-figures? In my opinion, TopCow bring very high quality comics on the market and create visually appealing characters. Considering the fact that there are few toys on the market, it would be a great choice for collectors!

Here are some of my thoughts:

Series 1:

- The Darkness (Jackie Estacado with the Darkness armor)

- The Witchblade (Sara Pezzini)

- The Angelus (Danielle Baptiste)

- Rapture (Tom Judge)

- The Spear of Destiny (Magdalena - Patience)

Series 2

- The Blood Sword (Ian Nottingham)

- The Wheel of Shadows (Sabine)

- The Glacier Stone (Michael Finnegan) would be a bit bigger

- The Ember Stone (Glorianna Silver)

If you have any additional pictures or wishes regarding Artifacts figures, please share them!