Name: Vita (Knight Clothes Version)
Line: Figma
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Released: November 2009
Scale: Non-Scale/12cm
Accessories: 4 extra pairs of hands, articulated display stand, alternate face, hat, alternate front hair piece, 2 shafts and 4 hammerheads

Vita's a very good toy, but I hesitate in giving her enough points to go into "great". Simply because she's fairly obscure, but unlike say, Danboard, her obscurity isn't to the degree that you gain instant Cool (nerd) Points for knowing her. This is a figure that's better when you're the kind of collector who likes to have interaction between his collection. She's a great display piece, but as a toy, she achieves greatness only when she has a chance to bring down the hammer on your other toys.

here's the picture

what do you guys think about this figure?
post a reply please i would like to know