REVIEW: Triad Toy's GUNN 4 HIRE - Tyrus Kilemahl 12" Figure

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    Triad Toy's GUNN 4 HIRE - Tyrus Kilemahl 12" Figure

    1/6th scale Elite Ballistics Support comes ready for action...

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    Triad Toys has made a name for itself bringing a number of original as well as licensed action figures and collectibles to fans. With previously released and forthcoming figures based on everything from Samurai Champloo, Soul Calibur and Ghost to Zorro, John Carter of Mars, Dexter, and Tekken 6 among others; fans who enjoy original designs will want to be sure to check out the company's intellectual properties, including Dead Cell, Ternion Wars, Legends and Gunn 4 Hire.

    Tyrus Kilemahl, the latest addition in the Gunn 4 Hire series, features a fairly straightforward description: With the highest confirmed killing record of all time, Tyrus Kilemahl has become a celebrity among the armed forces of America. Facing numerous court martial charges for using excessive force as well as civil suits for violence, Tyrus is forced to quit the military despite his willingness to serve the country. Gunn Industries quickly seized the opportunity by creating a new fire support division to be led and trained by Tyrus. Dying for some action, Tyrus quickly joins the Elite Ballistics Support division to provide private support for hot zones when the military units are unable to go beyond their powers.

    Tyrus comes packaged in a multi-colored, solidly-constructed package which features a velcro front flap. The front of the package features a photo of the figure as well as the figure's name and description while the back of the package features additional information about the character (including the character's description (above).

    The interior front flap features a molded plastic sleeve in which the weapons and accessories are held while the figure itself is housed in a molded plastic sleeve inside the box which ensures the figure reaches the collector in mint condition. Overall, the figure's packaging is attractive and well constructed, with plenty of information for a potential buyer to make the buying decision.


    Tyrus' head sculpt (above) is very impressive, featuring a well-sculpted face with high cheekbones, a solid jawline, and tight-looking eyes. The bald head features a mohawk made of faux blonde hair which should impress fans of this look. Likewise, the character features a scar aside his right eye. Overall, a unique and somewhat original head sculpt that'll impress collectors.


    The facial sculpt is made more impressive by solid paint applications. The stark blue eyes stand out as does the small goatee. While the goatee may not look that realistic (it's painted on and not sculpted), the flesh tones and colors are all very well done. The most notable paint application on the head is the tribal tattoo (above).


    The figure comes with Triad's Caucasian Omega 1/6th body (at a retail price of $22.99 alone). The Omega body features 35+ points of articulation, providing plenty of poseability.


    This is where the figure stands out. Tyrus features a load of gear and accessories, including...
    - 1 Chrome Blue Tactical Sunglasses
    - 1 Black Sleeveless Shirt
    - 1 Blue BDU Pants
    - 1 Pair Tactical Knee Pads
    - 1 Pair Tactical Boots
    - 1 Pair Tactical Gloved Hands
    - 1 Tactical Pants Belt
    - 1 Pair Tactical Shoulder Armor with Flexi-Grip Pads
    - 1 Tactical Elbow Armor with Flexi-Grip Pads
    - 1 Tactical Knife and Arm Holster
    - 1 G4H Custom Pistol with Side Leg Holster
    - 1 Left Leg Drop Pouch with Functional Pockets and Buckle Straps
    - 1 Modular Weapons Vest with Removable Pouches
    - 1 Bluetooth Tactical Communications Headset
    - 1 ATAC Modular Submachine Gun
    - 1 Ballistics Face Mask

    Considering the price, it's hard to find a figure with this much included. Fully accessorized and ready for action, Tyrus looks the part of the "celebrity" warrior, shades and bluetooth for the less intense action as well as face shield for when the fighting gets rough (above). One quick comment about the face shield: while the look is cool, getting it on the head was difficult and I actually had two of the elastic bands come unglued from the mask when trying to put it on. This required a simple repair with glue, but it is worth noting.

    The clothing and gear is of good quality and made well, though the vest seems slightly large on the Omega body. The same goes for the shoulder and elbow armor, which doesn't fit quite as well as it could.

    Last, but certainly not least, the weapons. The G4H pistol is well made, features a removable clip as well as form-fitting right leg holster. However, the star of the show is the ATAC Modular Submachine Gun, which features a variety of interchangeable parts and pieces (below) which allow it to take on a variety of forums for a variety of purposes.

    My only complaint is I had a hard time getting the individual pieces to stick together and they would only hold (without glue) in one form well (below). While it's nothing a couple of drops of super glue couldn't fix, this obviously makes it much more difficult to interchange the parts. (NOTE: I've heard this has been improved upon and the parts now are much easier to interchange.)


    With a retail price of $99.99, Tyrus is a good buy for the price. Tyrus was announced almost two years ago and, at that time, $100 might have seem a bit high in price for this figure. However, this isn't 2008. Nowadays, it's hard to find a 12" figure from any manufacturer for less than a Benjamin. In fact, most 12" figures these days - due to licensing and higher Chinese manufacturing costs - are going for $125.00, if not $150.00 or more...

    For $100, Triad Toys' Tyrus features a well-articulated body, an impressive head sculpt, and a generous amount of gear, making him a solid deal...especially considering the type of gear and equipment you get here.

    While Tyrus might have a few issues, he's overall a good investment well worth checking out for fans of 12" military figures. Head over to for more information and check out our fine sponsors for other 12" figures and collectibles!

    - Jess C. Horsley

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Name:	head sculpt paint.JPG 
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Name:	packed.JPG 
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Name:	tyrus top pic.JPG 
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Name:	weapon.JPG 
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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    Re: Triad Toy's GUNN 4 HIRE - Tyrus Kilemahl 12" Figure

    your toys are amazing! mending a leaky roof

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    Re: Triad Toy's GUNN 4 HIRE - Tyrus Kilemahl 12" Figure

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    Re: Triad Toy's GUNN 4 HIRE - Tyrus Kilemahl 12" Figure

    You have cool toy! I want to buy one!

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    Re: Triad Toy's GUNN 4 HIRE - Tyrus Kilemahl 12" Figure

    I forgot to ask, where did you buy that? wall lights

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    Re: Triad Toy's GUNN 4 HIRE - Tyrus Kilemahl 12" Figure

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