For those who have a problem with the screen, I understand. I hated the idea at first, but not the effort Goku fights Vegeta Kaio-ken seem to take the idea and the gap seems imperceptible? It does not matter. The fight with Freeza would be large widescreen or without widescreen. (Also, if the colors seem dull, you can change the contrast, color and brightness of your TV or portable DVD player (some of them) and would be perfect). I found this DVD the best I have ever had.
Awesome, Dragon Ball is the amazing new DVD sets and a must for all fans. Many people seem to be unhappy with the new releases, but I can see why. The new stuff is cut and a better quality than I remember when I watched it years ago, if you are a fan you will not be disapointed. If one of those really annoying people who try to criticize everything, even if it is a good thing, you continue to buy this set, and secretly love to all sections. Enjoy.

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