REVIEW: FIRST LOOK: WizKids Marvel HeroClix Web of Spider-Man Brick Figure & LE Night Nurse

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    FIRST LOOK: WizKids Marvel HeroClix Web of Spider-Man Brick Figure & LE Night Nurse

    Go back to the beginning with the original Spider-Man...

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    In our continuing coverage of the Marvel HeroClix Web of Spider-Man, we've taken a look at the base set (read it HERE) as well as the Limited Edition Venom figure and the prize kit's 3D Web Special Terrain Markers (HERE). Today we'll be examining two more exclusive figures, the Limited Edition Night Nurse and Buy It by the Brick Spider-Man! You can't get either one on stores. Night Nurse and the other LEs are included as part of the prize kits, so you'll need to play at your local comic book or game store to get her. Meanwhile, WizKids continues with their Buy It By the Brick program. Simply purchase 10 boosters of Web of Spider-Man, cut off their UPC codes, and mail those in along with your store receipt, a slight shipping fee, and the form (which will be online following the big release on September 8th)!

    Night Nurse may not be a household name in the world of comic books, but the character has actually been around for a while. First appearing in her own book, Night Nurse #1 in 1972, Linda Carter worked at Metro General Hospital in New York City. Her job would bring her into contact with not only the sick and wounded, but also the criminal element and costumed superheroes of the Big Apple. In recent years Night Nurse has appeared in a variety of Marvel Comics stories, even going so far as to help Doctor Strange in his quest to find the cure for cancer.

    Web of Spider-Man is remarkable for many reasons, and one of those is that it brings back to the game an inexpensive healing character in the generic Nurse #004. At only 10 points she's affordable on almost any team, and brings to your force two clicks of Support. Night Nurse is a repaint of that figure, and a big upgrade in terms of abilities. Where the regular Nurse wears a pure white uniform, has blonde hair, and holds a black clipboard, Night Nurse mixes things up with a red cross on her hat, black hair, and a silver clipboard. She'll look especially great leading a team of Nurses!

    Night Nurse clocks in at 27 points, with longer life and much better stats compared to her generic counterpart. She packs Willpower on her entire dial so she can get to where she's needed and do her job, while a Special Power (that also spans her dial) brings a super version of Support that grants a +1 to the Defense of the figure she heals! And, 9s and 8s in her Attack slot mean that Night Nurse can make that healing stick.

    Many collectible games offer mailaway promotions and exclusive figures, but few get to the level of HeroClix's Buy It By the Brick promotions. As any 'Clix fan knows, a set of 10 booster boxes is known as a brick (and two bricks make up a case). For a while now WizKids has offered exclusive "BibtB" figures available only with 10 booster UPCs and a receipt from a brick and mortar store. Often these figures are in some way larger or more advanced than a regular figure; there have been large-base figures, duos, repaints with translucent plastic, etc. For the Web of Spider-Man expansion set WizKids went back to the beginning, literally recreating the cover of the web slinger's very first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15!

    One of the most iconic covers of all time, this 1962 classic depicts Spider-Man swinging through the big city, a captured bad guy slung casually under the heroís right arm. It would be easy enough to make that narrow scene into a figure, but WizKids went further. One of the major characters in Spider-Manís adventures is the city in which many of them occur, New York City. And so for the Brick figure, Spider-Man swings in front of a very cool cityscape! The entire piece is mounted on a larger 2x2 square base, giving Peter Parker a huge area of affect thatíll especially come in handy depending on your wildcard choices.

    The Spider-Man figure is an incredible miniature representation of the cover image. He's got a fantastic sculpt with great texture on the red parts of his costume. Likewise, his victim has varied clothing details (sculpted jacket, shirt, pants, and shoes) and a great terrified look on his face. Spider-Man is attached to the closest skyscraper by the end of the web line and his left foot, which complete the illusion of the hero swinging through the city. All of the buildings have sculpted details like bricks, ledges, windows, chimneys, and more, at steep angles for a unique perspective. All of the buildings are attached to a semi-circular plastic base, which is then mounted on the figure's large HeroClix base.

    While this version of Spider-Man may be his initial foray into heroics, he is no pushover. For 90 points he brings solid stats and a great aggressive power set topped off by its Transporter status and a trait granting Leap/Climb AND situational free movement to elevated terrain! Spider-Man has three "phases" of powers, starting with Super Strength, Super Senses, and a web-shooting Special Power. Then he moves on to Charge, Combat Reflexes, and Outwit before finishing up on Flurry and Willpower. Chances are you're going to getting at least a brick of this awesome HeroClix set, so a BibtB Spider-Man is a no-brainer!

    For a special behind the scenes look at the Spider-Man Buy It By The Brick figure, check out the HeroClix site HERE.

    Check back next week for one final article before Web of Spider-Man hits stores on September 8th!

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Samples Courtesy of WizKids

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    Re: FIRST LOOK: WizKids Marvel HeroClix Web of Spider-Man Brick Figure & LE Night Nur

    To clarify, Night Nurse has neither a Team Affiliation nor Keywords. And that's exactly what you should expect from a 27 point Willpower/Healer/Buffer!

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