REVIEW: WizKids Marvel HeroClix Web of Spider-Man LE Venom and Web Markers

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    WizKids Marvel HeroClix Web of Spider-Man LE Venom and Web Markers

    Not your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man...

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    Last week we took you inside the world of the new Marvel HeroClix expansion set, Web of Spider-Man, with an in-depth look at the base set available in boosters near you on September 8th (click HERE if you missed it). I also gave you a sneak peek at one of the exclusive Limited Edition figures that’s only available in special prize kits at comic book and gaming stores. These are repaints of five figures in the base set representing different characters with their own sets of powers and stats. After last week’s Toxin we’ll be delving into the Dark Avengers with none other than the Sinister Spider-Man, Venom, as well as checking out the prize kit’s 3D Web Special Terrain Markers!

    As Norman Osborn solidified his control over the United States and its superhero population, he required a team of special operatives that he could re-brand and boost his image. To do this he recruited some of the worst criminals and psychopaths around, dressing them up as beloved superheroes and renaming them his “Dark Avengers.” Since the regular Avengers had a Spider-Man, so too did Osborn need one, and he didn’t have to look far. Mac Gargan, once the Scorpion, had bonded with the Venom symbiote to become a whole new take on the classic villain. He had the look and the powers, but there was still one big problem: his size. Osborn looked to an experimental treatment that would reduce the new “Spider-Man’s” size, but it had the unfortunate side effect of mentally unbalancing Gargan. With that, the Sinister Spider-Man was born!

    While the Web of Spider-Man set has plenty of Spider-Man and Venom characters, fans will always clamor for more. The Eddie Brock figure has two Alter Ego options in the common Venom #009 and uncommon Anti-Venom #025, and that’s in addition to the uncommon black-suited Spider-Man #022. There’s even a Mac Gargan character in the set in the rare Scorpion #037. But, that still leaves a hole in the Dark Avengers lineup. That’s where the Limited Edition #101 Venom comes in! While not the first Gargan Venom figure (that was in Hammer of Thor), this is the first one to replicate the look of Spider-Man instead of his more monstrous nature.

    Venom utilizes the same sculpt as Spider-Man #022, capturing the web-slinger lying in wait amidst a bundle of webs. He’s suspended in a corner formed by two brick walls, peering out at his foes while his left hand forms the classic web-shooting pose. Venom is, of course, monochromatic in black and white, and the logos on his chest and back look great. His walls are brown and gray, with nice variations in the brick sizes and overall texture.

    In game terms, Venom is a very different animal unlike the other Spider-Man themed figures. He’s unique and clocks in at a nice mid-ranged 70 points. With solid numbers and only one single number on his dial without a power Venom will be well worth the investment, especially on a theme Dark Avengers team. Starting off with Leap/Climb to get around, Super Strength for big damage, and Super Senses to avoid getting hurt, Gargan gets into the action quickly. Later he switches to a long string of Toughness, and alternates two power sets of Charge and Steal Energy and Stealth and Blades/Claws/Fangs, while his damage slot has two clicks of Shape Change and four of a Special Power granting him Penetrating/Psychic Blast that leaves webs behind (Invasive Organic Webbing)!

    The Sinister Spider-Man (Leap/Climb)
    Hide in Shadow (Stealth)
    Spider-Like Strength (Super Strength)
    I Still Dream of Hot Brains (Steal Energy)
    All Three (Blades/Claws/Fangs)
    Symbiote Sense (Super Senses)
    Thin Spider-Man or Large Venom (Shape Change)

    Speaking of webs, the Web of Spider-Man set introduces a new mechanic in web shooters. There are six figures (four in the base set, one Buy it by the Brick, and one Limited Edition) with special web-related powers: Spider-Man #007, Venom #009, Spider-Man #022, Scarlet Spider #040, Spider-Man #100, and Venom #101. Each of them create “Web Special Terrain Markers” that represent sticky webbing on the field of battle; any character in the same square as a Web marker must succeed at a break away roll to escape it. HeroClix utilizes several terrain mechanics, and to represent them you can use any manner of tokens, chits, or really anything on the game maps. The same goes for Web markers, but to celebrate Web of Spider-Man WizKids has made something special. Only available in the prize kits are two unique pieces that really bring the webs to life.

    First up is the cocoon, which looks exactly like a HeroClix-scale person mummified in webbing. It’s a little over an inch and half long, and has great detail in the bands and cords of the webs. This marker is especially good for representing Spider-Man #022’s “Web Cocoon” power that incapacitates an opponent with webs. The other marker is an awesome explosion of webbing consisting of a solid base and five tendrils. It’s covered in intricate web patterns, and is perfectly sized to fit a standard HeroClix figure! Both of these markers will really spice up your web-shooting and look great on the table. Good luck in your local tournaments!

    Review and photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Samples Courtesy of WizKids

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