REVIEW: WizKids HeroClix Watchmen Dr. Manhattan Colossal Figure

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    WizKids HeroClix Watchmen Dr. Manhattan Colossal Figure

    The super-man exists and he is American...

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    Last year WizKids exploded back onto the scene with the phenomenal Marvel HeroClix Hammer of Thor set. They’ve followed up on that release with hit after hit including more Marvel Battle Packs and from DC Comics the Brave and the Bold set and Blackest Night Starter Set. The next major property to appear in HeroClix form is that of last year’s Watchmen film! Next month WizKids will release a special 25 piece Collector’s Set containing all of the best heroes and villains from the film. But that’s not all. Debuting at the major summer conventions (San Diego Comic-Con and GenCon) is the film’s mightiest character in the enormous Colossal scale, Dr. Manhattan!

    Mild-mannered Dr. Jon Osterman was working on top secret experiments for the government when something went horribly wrong. Trapped in an “intrinsic field” test chamber, Osterman was seemingly obliterated. Over time, however, he re-formed himself, but what he became was very different from what he had been. Now able to control matter on a subatomic level (and appearing as a glowing blue naked man), Osterman was now Dr. Manhattan, the first real super powered being. Continuing his work for the U.S. government, Manhattan becomes a nuclear deterrent for the world as well as almost single-handedly ending the Vietnam War.

    If you’re one of the lucky few to get your hands on Dr. Manhattan at Comic-Con this week, you’ll find he’s packaged in a great looking box decorated with iconic Watchmen imagery and the classic black and yellow color scheme. The sizeable box is understated, with a glowing image of the character from the film on the front cover. There he’s surrounded by the Watchmen name, the Dr. Manhattan symbol, the HeroClix Watchmen symbol, and the figure’s name. Additional box art includes photographs of the actual figure, highlighting his otherworldly visage.

    Like previous colossal figures, Dr. Manhattan requires some assembly... but thankfully it’s quick and easy. All you have to do is plug in his outstretched left arm and you’re done! The figure is enormous, standing over 14 inches tall atop his HeroClix base! Just as he did in the film, Dr. Manhattan will clearly dominate any battlefield (or shelf in your collection).

    WizKids has done several colossal-sized figures in the past, notably Cthulhu (for HorrorClix), Fin Fang Foom, the Spectre, and of course Galactus. Even among that stellar crowd, Dr. Manhattan stands out. A giant blue-skinned atomic giant, the former scientist’s power is so vast that he uses it effortlessly. Just like in the film, Manhattan merely has to wave at an annoyance and it explodes into gore, or vanishes altogether. Translating that into plastic yields the Doctor striding calmly with his right foot planted on his base, the left one lifting up as he takes a step. He’s half turned at the waist, looking and pointing with his whole hand at a soon to be annihilated opponent to his left.

    The sculpt on Dr. Manhattan, like all of WizKids’ recent releases, is very good. True, the good doctor doesn’t present a whole lot of challenges being essentially a naked guy, but that doesn’t mean you can be lazy about it! Manhattan has a very well-defined physique, with some truly heroic musculature on his torso. There’s good muscle definition on the rest of his body too, with additional sculpted details like veins, spine, fingernails, and toenails. Dr. Manhattan’s briefs are completely smooth, distracting little from the lines and flow of his form. Most impressive is of course the figure’s head sculpt. While it might not look exactly like actor Billy Crudup, the sculpt really conveys a sense of distance. With lips pursed and strong jaw clenched, it’s as though Manhattan is exerting himself just to focus on the battle at hand when he could be contemplating the universe instead.

    Dr. Manhattan is very, very blue. He’s blue from his head all the way to the tips of his toes. In the film, the character was a mix of translucent flesh and glowing hues, and he even modulated his own skin tone for a TV appearance. WizKids went with a smooth, light blue that looks great. His body is all over the one color, so where others appear there’s really strong contrast. Manhattan’s briefs are solid matte black, which matches his forehead symbol, eyebrows, and the outline of his eyes, which are a milky silver. The paint application on the face is very good, and the eyes in particular are really interesting. When you look at them closely reflections make it appear as though there are barely visible pupils inside.

    While Dr. Manhattan is a great showpiece, that’s not all he is. When it comes to HeroClix, he’s practically unstoppable. The doctor can be played normally as part of (or composing) a force, or he can be played in the included special scenario. Either way, Dr. Manhattan has three different “levels” of power like other colossals, which determine the scale of his opponents. These levels are denoted by three different dials around his base with different dates in his complicated non-linear life. “A Thousand Suns,” the Dr. Manhattan scenario, pits players against the blue giant. This brings into play his fourth dial, “Aspect,” which determines which dial the players face every time he’s attacked. It’s a very interesting game mechanic that is sure to bring about some hard-fought battles.

    At his most powerful, May 6, 1971, the doctor is a match for Galactus and the Spectre at the height of their powers. Manhattan starts off with an incredible set of numbers: 16 range with 2 targets, 20 movement with flying and Phasing/Teleport, 21 defense with Impervious, 9 damage, and 15 attack with a special power granting Penetrating/Psychic Blast with a free follow up Pulse Wave against flyers and larger than normal figures! Further down the line he has massive amounts of Phasing/Teleport, the usual Impervious-Invulnerable-Toughness track, Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Energy Explosion, Exploit Weakness and Outwit. His other special powers include tossing out action tokens on those adjacent to his target and rearranging or destroying nearby terrain and objects.

    If you want to bring Dr. Manhattan to your gaming table, get yourself to NECA’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con starting Wednesday night. He’ll be available for $80, with 100 on sale each day (limit 2 per person). He’ll pop up again at GenCon next month, but if you miss him there too you’ll have to wait until WizKids sends him to retail later in the year. Manhattan is an awesome figure and an incredibly powerful game piece that you’ll want for your collection. He’s going to be highly sought after by HeroClix fans and Watchmen lovers alike, so don’t miss out!

    Stay tuned to for full coverage of the WizKids presence at Comic-Con, as well as an in-depth look at the Watchmen Collector’s Set after the show!

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Sample Courtesy of WizKids

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