REVIEW: Yamato Japan's 1/60 Macross DESTROID TOMAHAWK

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    Yamato Japan's 1/60 Macross DESTROID TOMAHAWK

    For collectors who take their mecha seriously...

    Four versions of the awesome 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk - Desert, Olive Drab and Special Weathered Versions of both colors - are currently IN-STOCK, while supplies last, at

    Some of the coolest military robot designs have originated from Japan, more specifically, the Japanese anime sensation Macross. I was first introduced to this futuristic mechanized world way back in 1985 via Robotech, the U.S. adaptation of the original Japanese series. Whether you grew up calling the iconic robot jets a Veritech or a Variable Fighter, one thing both animations held in common was the awesome Destroids. Unlike the flying mecha, the Destroids were Earth's powerful fighting ground force; in essence, walking battle tanks. These massive mecha didn't transform and their speed was slow, but what they lacked in mobility, they made up for with thick armor and serious firepower.

    Many Destroid designs exist in the Macross/Robotech universe, each with a specific battle role; from anti-air units such as the Defender and Phalanx, to long-range support like the mighty Monster. However, the backbone of the Destroid armed forces is the Tomahawk, a versatile mech equipped for various combat situations, be it enemies attacking from the air or land. From the infopedia I present the Tomahawk's colossal loadout:

    + 2 x Heavy beam cannons on the arms,
    + 2 x Missile launchers in the shoulders, each capable of carrying 12 short-range anti-mech missiles
    + 1 x Missile launcher on the outboard right shoulder, capable of carrying 6 anti-aircraft missiles,
    + 2 x 12.7 mm machine gun in the head
    + 2 x gun cluster in the chest, each containing:
    - 1 x 25mm auto cannon
    - 2 x 180mm direct-fire mortar
    - 1 x light laser
    - 1 x flame-thrower
    + 2 x smoke ejectors on the hips

    Yamato Japan delivers this amazing array of armament and much, much more on a collectible that can best be described as "a mecha man's mech". This is an action figure for those who take their mecha seriously. Crafted in spectacular 1/60th scale (approximately 8 inches tall), the Tomahawk is a near perfect miniaturized replica of, what I deem, one of the most remarkable military mech designs ever created.

    PACKAGING: The Tomahawk ships in a fifth panel window box showing the robot in action launching one if its shoulder-mounted anti-mech missiles. A metallic sticker proudly proclaims this being the "Weathering Special Version" and "Macross" is clearly stamped on the package for those in doubt on where this mech came from (I shouldn't even be mentioning Robotech in the same breath as Macross - fans are that passionate and divided). The back of the packaging and inner flap show the actual Tomahawk toy along with minimal text that is mostly in Japanese. A loadout schematic would have been nice to educate collectors on this historic mech, but overall the packaging is attractive and gets the job done of delivering your 'bot safe and sound.

    SCULPT: The Tomahawk resides in a pull-out plastic tray along with a couple of extras - two 1/60th scale mechanics and a tiny pilot. Key components, such as the Tomahawk's head and gun arms, are carefully wrapped in tissue paper to insure nothing gets scratched in shipping, a nice touch. This is not a model kit, so enjoying your new mech is as easy as pulling it from its plastic tomb.

    Once free the Tomahawk, as mentioned, measures in at 8 inches tall with a good 5" girth. It's my ideal action figure size, fitting great in your hand while posing and fiddling around with and large enough for catching the eye on display. It's also scaled to fit perfectly alongside Yamato's previously released 1/60th scale Valkyries so you can have an in-scale fighting force on display.

    I own Playmates' Exo-Squad Robotech Destroids from back in 1994 (pictured above) and I must say that comparing the new Tomahawk with the old is like comparing apples and oranges. While the basic "look" is there, the detailing, articulation and paint apps blow the retro version away. It's really great to see someone treat this mech with respect after all these years. Heck, it's great just to see a company come up to the plate and MAKE a new Destroid. Unlike the multitude of Valkyries produced over the years, these mechs in toy form are very rare.

    Sculpting details abound on the Yamato Tomahawk, from the minute chest guns - each bored and ready to rain lead, to the intricate maze of riveted panel lines, air intake vents and chiseled armor plating. A sweet extra is the addition of translucent plastic covers for the Tomahawk's lights. They don't actually light-up, but the materials go the distance in making them more believable.

    ARTICULATION: This is where the Tomahawk truly shines. It's the very definition of "action figure". Articulation runs rampant on the Tomahawk. The arms alone star at least five extremely well-designed joints, including full 360 degree rotation at the shoulder, a hinged joint at the shoulder for flexing the arm in and out, shoulder armor that lifts and moves with the arm, a full swivel at the elbow combined with another hinged joint for further posing the huge cannon arms.

    Both chest missile pod housings flip up to reveal a bloated arsenal of anti-mech death (not removable) and the right shoulder-mounted missle pod features two doors that flip outward to unveil more missile madness (again, sadly not removable). The legs and feet feature an array of hinged/swivel/ball joints for complex display and the waist is a full ball-joint for extreme posing. If I had one complaint with this collectible it would be that the waist joint could use some tightening. As is, the ball-jointed waist is a little on the floppy side. It's not a deal breaker, but it is annoying, especially when the rest of the joints are so nice and tight.

    Even the turtle-like head is full of surprises. Both head-mounted machine guns rotate up and down and the entire head unit folds forward revealing a minature cockpit inside. Yes, a mini-pilot figure is included and he/she fits snug behind the wheel. The other two included figures are nice extras as well, lending a great sense of scale to the massive mech. I really hope Yamato releases a bonus "mech pack" featuring more of the guys, ladders and perhaps a hangar bay and crane to work on the machine. It'd make an excellent display diorama for the Tomahawk.

    That hangar bay set up would work well with the Tomahawk's other gimmick - the ability to remove the entire upper section and gun units. The Tomahawk, as the story is explained on, is a modular design to keep the cost of producing new Destroids down. As illustrated in my image of the old Playmates' Destroids, the leg section is reused on several Destroid models, including the Phallanx, Defender and Tomahawk. This modular system makes me wonder if Yamato has plans for a full line of interchangable Destroids or a weapons pack. Or is the modular feature there simply for further authenticity? Either way, the upper section removes and attaches very smooth and secure. I've had no worries of the upper torso ever sliding off.

    I've mentioned the firm joints (for the most part) and super size, but have failed to mention construction. The Tomahawk is mostly made of tough ABS plastics and I've read of it containing die-cast for some inner joints. There is certainly some good heft to the Tomahawk, and it doesn't feel cheap and brittle. However, being raised on die-cast Popy Shogun Warriors, I can't help but long for more die-cast content. This mech cast in full metal would seriously rock. Oh, that tiny antenna on the Tomahawk's head IS wire metal, so there's no immediate fear of it snapping off.

    PAINT: The Tomahawk up for review is the Olive-Drab Special Weathered Version, a slick variant that was exclusive to Yamato's Japanese Online Shop in 2009. By a special arrangement with Yamato, this exclusive, as well as a Special Weathered Version in Desert Tan, are now available to U.S. collectors via Slightly more affordable standard Olive-Drab and Desert versions are available as well, but I much prefer the realistic "battle worn" look of the weathered versions. In my vision of Macross/Robotech, I don't see many "factory fresh" Destroids raging war. I see a battle spread over years where resources have been tapped and what mechanized forces exist fight on despite their dire need for a new paint job. To quote General William T. Sherman: "War is hell," and hell is far from pretty.

    Aside from looking much tougher weathered and worn, I chose the Olive-Drab Special Weathered Verison for displaying the best of both color schemes. Desert tan brings some great visual pop to the shoulder-mounted missile pods and the color works well as distressed shading on the olive green. It's a cool contrast, creating an almost a camouflaged appearance. Desert tan maybe a more recognizable color for the Tomahawk, but the olive green really lends the mech an exciting new look. Take the plunge and go the weathered route, though. It makes a world of difference in making this mech look more life-like.

    COST: The weathering does come with a price. Both Special Weathered Versions retail for approximately $131.66, about $24 more than the standard editions. Keeping in mind that the Weathered Versions are also Japanese exclusives, that $24 increase becomes a little easier to swallow.

    OVERALL IMPRESSION: That said, $131 is still not cheap... imported Japanese toys of this caliber rarely are. As mentioned previously, and I can't stress this enough, the Tomahawk is designed for collectors who take their mecha very seriously. Casual robot fans need not apply. This is for Macross/Robotech die-hards, a passionate group that have waited decades for collectibles of their beloved mecha this finely crafted.

    For even more photos of Yamato's 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk - over 60 new images! - CLICK HERE!

    Four versions of the awesome 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk - Desert, Olive Drab and Special Weathered Versions of both colors - are currently IN-STOCK, while supplies last, at

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hobby Link Japan

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    Re: Yamato Japan's 1/60 Macross DESTROID TOMAHAWK

    Awesome review! That guy looks fantastic.

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    Re: Yamato Japan's 1/60 Macross DESTROID TOMAHAWK

    Nice! Whether you grew up calling the iconic robot jets a Veritech or a Variable Fighter, one thing both animations held in common was the awesome Destroids. Roof Repair

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