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  1. Useful information for spotting Play Arts Kai Bootlegs

    This is news to me but apparently there is a thriving market for bootleg Play Arts Kai figures, including some of the more recent ones Like Nathan Drake from Uncharted 3, now I dont know about you...
  2. Re: Anybody know when the Mass effect 3 figures are shipping?


    im in the UK, I preordered mine through the Bioware store and recieved them about a month ago. they are also in stock through in the UK.
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    Play Arts Kai Nathan Drake, Uncharted 3

    Pictures of the new Play Arts Kai Nathan Drake, from Uncharted 3.
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    Re: My Batman Collection

    Great collection, have you got Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Batman ?, if not have a look, I think its the best Batman figure.
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