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    Movie accurate Ant Man ML Figure

    You knew it was only a matter of time and with the Ant-Man movie being so amazing here's a movie-accurate version of his Marvel Legends form! Using a retail ML Ant Man I resculpted the helmet to add...
  2. Megaman's Sniper Joe, NECA Robocop vs Terminator 'Robodrone'

    Watch out Megaman, one of the most prolific enemies in the game has a new upgrade! Continuing in my Megaman Marvel Legends line comes Sniper Joe, the shield-wielding Reploid. He's 6" scale and...
  3. Marvel Legends Jubilee, Matrix Neo, MotU Classics Buzz-Kill

    She's sassy, spunky, and sparkly, she's Jubilee of the X-men! I set out to create the 90's version of Jubilee by combining the upper half of a Marvel Girl, bottom half of a Wasp, boots from a Mary...
  4. Jin Saotome Marvel Select 7" custom figure

    Jin Saotome the hot-headed mecha pilot is back and this time he's been created in a brand new 7" Marvel Select scale! This custom Jin Saotome figure was made from a Bandai S.I.C. Apocalypse Zero...
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    Secret Wars Dr Doom Marvel legends

    All hail DOOM! The tyrant has arrived in all his un-caped glory with this Secret Wars Dr Doom custom Marvel Legends figures based upon his comic book/vintage toy appearance. He was created using a DC...
  6. Ro-Nan the Blind Swordsman and Horde Trooper Commander MotU Custom figures

    When you have an army of killer robots it's only natural to want to join them on the battlefield and with the Horde Trooper Commander Armor Hordak can do just that! Standing at eight inches tall this...
  7. Custom Marvel Legends X-force Domino, Ultron figures

    She's deadly, seductive, and aware of everything around her, she's the dangerous Domino of X-force! Here Domino has been brought from the pages of the comics to your shelf using a Spidey Infinite...
  8. Custom White Tiger Marvel Legends and 6" Star Wars Jodo Kast figures

    When I saw White Tiger show up on the Ultimate Spider-Man show I instantly loved her design! Here I've created a custom Marvel Legends White Tiger based on the cartoon using a Moonstone body,...
  9. Custom Lady Deathstrike, Movie concept Avengers Black Knight figures

    The villainous Lady Deathstrike has given Wolverine problems at every turn and now she's ready to strike again with a look based on her appearance in the Hulk vs Wolverine animated movie! This custom...
  10. Custom Circle of Four Blackheart & Trask Sentinel Marvel Legends figures

    The Son of Mephisto and unholy terror, Blackheart is quite possibly the most powerful supernatural villain in the Marvel Universe. This time I've created him as he's drawn in the 'Venom Circle of...
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