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  1. Kidrobot Termite Free Futurama Wooden Bender 6 inch figure

    Product Preview Futurama Wooden Bender | Kidrobot Blog

    Just received this today. This is not officially out till June 7, but I got lucky today.

    The figure looks awesome, but it has the feel...
  2. SQUADT fr0g s001 and K11 spot [FR0ZN WH0LE]

    OMG!!! I ordered a Squadt fr0g s001 and K11 spot [SWAMP DWLLR] from the squadt store in March.

    Playge screwed up and sent a figure out that hasn't even had product shots or any leaked/released...
  3. SQUADT GERM s002 [BORN WRONG] by Ferg x Playge

    So I picked this thing up last week at CSC and I just finally got around to opening it CornerStoreComics & AmazingToyz :: shopping/shop :: Action Figures & Collectibles

    I haven't bought anything...
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