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  1. Re: CUSTOM STATUES - I Can make anything you want!

    Wow this is real cool. I would love to see the space jockey in 1/6!
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    Re: My latest custom figures

    Super Job on the customs. Reall liked the creativity on the Predators.
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    Hello Everyone! I as much as all of you are big collectors. I have a story to tell. I was a heavy collector with so much to display. I had been a recent victem of burglery which I lost everything. I...
  4. Re: Movie Maniacs 3 Ed scissorhands variant (?)

    It is really hard t say about the bubble. I have seen a llot of differnt things but a gold bubble never. The varriant ed is harder to get/find.
  5. Re: Movie Maniacs 3 Ed scissorhands variant (?)

    There was a variant of Ed. One was the common pale skin tone color, and the variant was human flesh tone color. Hope this helps!
  6. Triad Toys 1/6 Lone Wolf and Cub figures

    Does anyone have any info when these figures will be released? I like how they look and want to add them to the collection!
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