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    Hot Toys - Iron Man 2: War Machine teaser

    Check out the new teaser

    Hot Toys Iron Man 2 War Machine teaser


    Hot Toys facebook: Hot Toys's Photos - Iron Man 2: War Machine teaser | Facebook
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    Iron Man 2 trailer

    Iron Man 2 trailer
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    Guide to Action Figures and stop-motion
    Some time ago I wrote a post on Marvel Select Iron Man 2 action figure I read on marvelous news. Some moments later I noticed a guest post in the comments...
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    Michael Jackson Who's Bad (Hot Toys)

    This time, Michael Jackson is Bad with Hot Toys announcing a new MJ release:

    Michael Jackson Who's Bad figure
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    Re: toy fair 2010 starcraft 2 figures

    I posted about Starcraft II action figures but I don't think anyone has any pics because they weren't allowed to take pics of them at Toy Fair, so I'll also be curious to know what they look like,...
  6. Toy Fair 2010 Video - Q&A with Hasbro for Star Wars, Transformers, GiJoe and Marvel

    Source: Toy Fair 2010 Video - Q&A With Hasbro's Brand Team Members For G.I.Joe, Marvel, Star Wars & Transformers - -
  7. Re: Overview of NECA action figures at Toy Fair 2010

    Hey man check this post on sideshow collectors: CONTEST - 7 inch Neca Dante from Dante's Inferno - Sideshow Freaks

    There's one guy there who got a Dante's fig when he pre-ordered the game and he...
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    Halo: Reach figures (McFarlane Toys)

    Halo Reach action figures have been made available for pre-orders. Check more here:

    Halo: Reach 5-inch action figures
  9. Re: Overview of NECA action figures at Toy Fair 2010

    I don't know, I remember I posted about Dante's figures but it was a Destructoid contest giveaway: Dante's Inferno action figure giveaway

    Maybe I should consult the mystic arts and dig around...
  10. Re: Overview of NECA action figures at Toy Fair 2010

    My thoughts exactly, it sounds like they were still doing the interview but later talked about things they asked action figure insider not to mention in the video. Or something like that. By the way...
  11. Overview of NECA action figures at Toy Fair 2010

    Here's the rundown on NECA offerings at Toy Fair, the short version: pre and post-burn Freddy, Clash of the Titans with Perseus (Zeus and others coming) and some nice props and replicas, Jonah Ex...
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