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  1. Re: Rosedale Studios: Darkseid, Hawkman, Hellboy

    Thanks for the compliments!

    The blue on Darkseids outfit was purposely painted without dry brushing. It's a cobalt blue topped with Tamiya clear blue. It was the look I was going for, (normally...
  2. Rosedale Studios: Darkseid, Hawkman, Hellboy

    Finally I have some new work to show everyone.

    Below are DCU Darkseid, DCU Hawkman, and 18" Battle Damaged Hellboy. Also, at many fans and customers requests I have gone away from the collage...
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    Re: Warpath X-Force Custom

    Looks great!
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    Re: Wolverine X-Force

    Great work, that's a really nice head choice for Wolverine!
  5. Rosedale Customs is now

    Hey everyone! I now have an official website and am showcasing not just customs, but illustrations, digital art, paintings, sculpture and more. My site is constantly being...
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    Re: Deadpool custom

    Very nice, clean work!
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    Rosedale Studios Custom Gallery

    I've been customizing figures and building dioramas for a little over seven years now. I prefer to work in the 6-8" scale and specialize in Fantasy and Science Fiction based customs. That being said,...
  8. Long time no see! Take a gander...if you dare!

    Here's a couple of new customs after a very LOOONG hiatus.

    My AvP mini diorama. I took the playset and combined them together and re-painted the whole shebang.
  9. What charities do you donate to or work with over the holidays?

    I volunteer with the Animal Rescue League on a regular basis, but make it a point to give my time to work on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, since most people won't volunteer on those days. I...
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