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  • 09-06-2010, 02:26 PM

    FIRST LOOK: WizKids Marvel HeroClix Web of Spider-Man Final LE Figures & Map

    Criminals round out the final Limited Edition figures...

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    It’s been a long wait, but the HeroClix Web of Spider-Man set will hit stores in just two days (or tomorrow night if your venue has a midnight release event)! Over the last few weeks we’ve taken some in-depth looks at this awesome new Marvel expansion, focusing on the core set (HERE), Limited Edition Venom and the prize kit Web Markers (HERE), and Limited Edition Night Nurse and the Buy It by the Brick Spider-Man figure (HERE). In this last installment before Web hits shelves near you we’ll examine the exclusive map included in the prize kits as well as the final two Limited Edition figures: Daken and “The Burglar!”

    The OP (Organized Play) Kit for Web of Spider-Man contains all sorts of goodies for comic book and gaming stores to use as prizes and game support for their venues. In addition to the awesome Limited Edition figures and 3D Web objects (for use with the “web shooter” game mechanic), the kit includes six copies of an all-new map, The Bridge! If you’re not a hardcore Spider-Man reader you might be wondering just why this bridge is so important that it’s the centerpiece of a map. Living and operating in New York City, Peter Parker has had more than his fair share of adventures in and on bridges. But it was way back in 1973 that Spider-Man dealt with one of his most tragic events on a bridge (the art and text confuses whether it’s the George Washington or Brooklyn). In The Amazing Spider-Man #121 a deranged Green Goblin dangles and subsequently drops Parker’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man leaps into action and catches her with a web, but then learns that the abrupt stop to her fall caused fatal whiplash. It was a watershed moment in Spider-Man’s life.

    While not explicitly any one specific bridge, the Web of Spider-Man Bridge map has all of the elements of a typical structure. Tall towers flank a long road running across a span of water. In HeroClix, this translates into a very cool game environment! Each side has a distinctive square 4x4 Starting Area, both of which are nestled between identical 4x4 elevated terrain (with ladders on their far sides). On the bridge are four blocks of hindering terrain representing smashed cars and rubble. Finally, there’s plenty of water and even a small boat providing standard terrain near the edge!

    There are no figures in the Web of Spider-Man set with the dolphin speed symbol, so watch out for the water. Flying figures, especially those with Running Shot (including but not limited to Iron Man, Iron Patriot, Victor Mancha, Green Goblin, Iron Man/War Machine, and even Cosmic Spider-Man in larger point value games), will have plenty of options, so make use of their mobility. Stealth characters like X-Force and Venom will need to stick close to the hindering bits, so get there quickly. Meanwhile, most of the action will take place on the bridge as opposing forces meet there to do battle in hand to hand combat. There are “bricks” who will enjoy exactly that like Ironclad and Red Hulk, as well as B/C/F users including Daken, Deadpool, and Doppelganger. Sealed Web of Spider-Man games are sure to see some great slugfests! Outside of Web, the Bridge map can be a lot of fun. Obviously, it plays to the strength of aquatic figures, especially those with water-based powers like Attuma, Triton, Namor, Tempest, Aquaman, and more.

    When Norman Osborn put together his team of “Dark Avengers,” he had the perfect individual to ape the image and identity of Wolverine... none other than the mutant’s own son! Daken, Logan’s son by a Japanese wife, shares many traits with his father including retractable claws and a powerful healing ability. Daken appears in the Web of Spider-Man set at number 031 in his initial look, shirtless to show off his tattoos and with his mohawk and blades on display. The OP kit brings a second version to the table, the prodigal son in the costume of his father.

    A repaint of Wolverine #043, the Limited Edition Daken #104 replaced the black and gray X-Force uniform with a variation on Logan’s traditional brown and yellow costume. On the figure’s upper body the black and gray are replaced with brown and yellow respectively, while the lower body has a “trunks and tights” look instead of the X-Force pants. Daken also has a red belt with brown “loops,” distinctive from Wolverine’s black belt with red buckle symbol. There are two more small details that really make the Dark Avenger unique. First, his eyes are painted with yellow dots as opposed to the X-Man’s large red lenses. Secondly, the back of Daken’s left arm is decorated with the mutant’s tattoos, leaving little question as to his identity!

    In game terms, Daken #104 is a powerful attacker at 72 points (increased from Daken #031’s 63 point cost). Overall he has similar numbers except in the Speed slot, where the Limited Edition figure is faster across the board. While the uncommon version has a pretty straightforward set of powers, Daken #104 brings a lot of interesting options to the table. He starts with Leap/Climb, a Special Power increasing damage against figures with action tokens, Super Senses, and Exploit Weakness. Down the dial the villain switches out Mind Control, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Regeneration, and Close Combat Expert. On top of all that, Daken has an awesome trait that prevents opposing characters within 6 squares from using Shape Change! So not only does he look cool, but Daken will definitely be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

    Dark Wolverine (Leap/Climb)
    Pheromone Control (Mind Control)
    My Father’s Curse (Blades/Claws/Fangs)
    Wolverine to the Public Eye (Super Senses)
    My Father’s Inheritance (Regeneration)
    Adamantium (Exploit Weakness)
    Trained by Romulus (Close Combat Expert)

    The final Limited Edition figure doesn’t even have a proper name. Instead, he’s just “The Burglar.” His card, however, gives further details (including his last name – Carradine) about his long and storied relationship with Spider-Man. This Burglar was let free by Parker in their initial encounter, and later visited the home of Uncle Ben where he fatally shot the kindly patriarch. Spider-Man would subsequently find the Burglar and give him over to the police, only to have him return years later and take Aunt May hostage! As crucial as he was to Spider-Man’s origin the Burglar is a perfect addition to the Web of Spider-Man prize figures.

    “The Burglar” #105 is a repaint of the Mugger #006 figure, sharing his classic “up to no good” appearance. Wielding a pistol to commit his crimes, the Burglar wears blue pants, black belt, a white shirt, red jacket, and dark brown cap. Noticeably, his pistol is silver while the Mugger’s is black. Carradine clocks in at 19 points (kept slim by no affiliation or keywords), just slightly over the Mugger’s 16. For that cost the LE figure actually has a shorter dial with only three clicks of life. But, he’s got better Speed and Attack numbers, not to mention an additional Special Power granting a whopping +2 to damage against characters with a lower point cost. Add that to his Stealth and Running Shot and you’ve got a criminal literally designed to go after your opponent’s weakest teammates.

    Break-In (Stealth)
    Flee the Scene (Running Shot)

    That’s it for our Web of Spider-Man round up. I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these previews, and I wish you luck in your tournaments! For the latest news and a complete breakdown of the Web of Spider-Man kit, check out

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Samples Courtesy of WizKids

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