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11-30-2009, 03:08 PM
Here is a commission I did for a fellow He-man fan (Fisto69). He supplied me with a custom Fisto sword, MOTU 200x mecha hand and Battle Fisto armor, a wrestler's head and a He-man MOTUC figure. I shaved down the wrestler's head resculpted it with Aves Apoxy sculpt beard and head ban. I'm not completely happy with the head band but I just kept it simple for now. I took the glove resculpted a concept between the classic and 200x design. Now the 200x armor didn't fit properly. So I cut it in half , glue down the majority of it and sculpted the rest around it. Over all I think it came out all right.

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Here is a different kind of custom LOL. The "unknown soldier" from the 200X MOTU cartoon story-line. Simple custom overall, MOTUC He-man figure with bandages sculpted all over and then painted. I really like this custom for being something totally different.

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Here is another Zombie He-man figure I did as a commission. The buyer an I wanted to do a different version of him. So I made a battle armor version. MOTUC He-man body with Merman's feet, and Faker's armor. I took some teeth cleaning picks and made some arm blades. Also as cool trick I sculpted boot straps around the feet to give a cool look of these zombie feet busting out of a some normal boots. I also added some additional texture to the armor and belt to give a different detail. I don't feel that the skullface was my best sculpting job, but the buyer was happy.
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So here is a cool diorama I did for an exciting comic book company " SuperHumanExperiment". I met up with awesome Amanda Stevens & Test Subject X and we got to brainstorming on ideas. It just so happen in their latest comic book issue they were showing for the first time the " META-XVR" machine. So I did a diorama showing off this a scene from the comic. I laugh at myself when I see these pictures, because this thing made up of so many parts and items. From a powered bottle, to G-force parts to earphone jacks. I used a basketball case to show off this diorama and I was able to etch into the glass their logo. It came out very cool! Overall I'm fine with this project, but I know I can do so much better.
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11-30-2009, 03:10 PM
Nice work/talent!