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09-03-2018, 11:26 AM
Hello! Am new around these part and I just wanna say thank you for this hosting forum for I myself am unfamiliar with figure customizing but I believe it’ll be a fun venture, here’s the deal the character of Black Widow is one my favorite so I bought figures from the Marvel Legends series they all weren’t perfect IMO so as it stands this is what I hope to make I have the necessary pieces minus the body which I will buy soon and overall I just need help on how to paint and recommendations on which body mold to use am currently thinking about the Apocalypse Wave Psylocke body mold or Hellcat but that ones articulation is lacking and the Kate Bishop mold I don’t like much (please recommend which is best) as for the paint in the picture I have the original Legends Black Widow body mold as reference that’s paint applications I want on my custom, a classic 1970’s like Black Widow with that BLUE BLACK LIGHT GREY shading like it kinda shows in the old comics, I don’t think i’ll add her ring suit zipper detail on her neck, if I could paint a nice Marvel Legends female body mold like that WITHOUT ANY STICKY PAINT OR RUBBING PAINT FOREVER PERMANENT i’ll be a very happy fan/collector and sleep peacefully

Please if any of you awesome folks can help on which is the best way for the best body mold to use and how to paint a without error, your service will be greatly appreciated

I have an AIR COMPRESSOR FOR AIR BURSH PAINTING I don’t know if this is good? and all paints needed I will buy just recommend which brand is best and how apply,

[if anything as an easy shortcut, if anyone knows a custom figure commission for this i’ll gladly pay for service]

Thank You All Once, Again!

09-03-2018, 11:32 AM
Hello, I can’t add Pictures for some reason but if need let me know how to add, says I don’t have permission

09-03-2018, 11:42 AM

If anything similar paint deco to that original toy biz figure