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03-03-2013, 09:41 AM
Hi folks,

I apologise if this is the wrong section, I had a quick browse of the forum and couldn't see the best way of putting in a request.

I came across this site due to a commission piece I found (can't post link due to spam controls, but basically it was a Captain America wedding cake topper).

This piece got me thinking, I am getting married next year and our cake is going to be zombie themed. What we are after is a static wedding cake topper of a bride and groom, but armed and ready to fight off some zombies!

What we're wanting ideally is our likeness (more or less in colour only is fine) on the figures, and to have the groom with a shotgun and some ammo strapped around him, and the bride wielding a hatchet or something similar, on top of that we want 2 or 3 zombies made that can be used as individual wedding cake topper like figures.

The cake itself is going to be a shopping mall style block as the top tier, with the bottom tier as a car park/street with zombies and us looking down at them.

Is this something some of you guys can help with, and if you are interested can you post some links of examples of your work so I can check the quality and style.


04-02-2013, 03:45 PM
Hey there TMM, i was just getting on this forum to post my first post, and i saw this post... I'm a commission artist, and i can actually do a full custom piece if you're interested. Sorry i have no examples on the forum currently, but I can give you examples of my work upon request. I hope you can get some help if I can't give it to you. I have to say that this is a very sweet idea.