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08-29-2012, 09:38 AM
One day I was painting the wall where I had patched an old hole where the surround sound wires were in my upstairs bonus room, which by the way is my man cave, and I leaned on the shelf and it with the paint and figures came tumbling down. So I put the shelf back up.

About 3 months later that same shelf that sits on 3 supports fell again and this time there was no paint to ruin the carpet but it did kill my 22" monitor and broke my keyboard. How it fell is a mystery. 3 supports??? The 2 monitors you see are 20" from my other computer.

This time I went out and got the supports that I can use self tapping drywall anchors and not the hang on a screw type. Plus these supports are fancy like the ones above my TV.

So I started redoing my room but I wanted to sort of document the journey.

I will be using LED strips behind the stuff in most places and trying to mix in my Halo 4 stuff. You can see the LED behind the Mongooses. I am looking to get colored ones but the house is darkish brown so I was thinking white only. Not sure though. Would be nice to have large cutouts made but I have to try to keep it semi-grown up. I do have Starwars stuff but it is only a small amount.

Here are some pix of what will be going up and some of what is already up. I have easily 150 boxes of unopened stuff but it is all doubles and a lot of it is old figures I will never open anyway. I am missing some of the higher end statues because I wasn't too much into it before Hal 3 came out. I was going to buy the Weta Master Chief and Arbiter but didn't and now it is way over priced in my opinion if you can even find one. I have seen people who do not even collect them trying to get $500.

I am hoping to snag more Square Enix(2 in front of the TV are Master Chief and the Black Spartan) stuff to go on the black shelving you see the Brutes and Elites piled on temporarily(it is a tiered shelf system but you only see the top. Nothing is in place and I have a lot of work to do, trust me. I want it ready before Halo4 comes out anyway. need my good vibe room ready for gameplay.

The Noble Team you see I will be making some sort of display so they can stay in a similar pose. Like my own little statue. I may do this with others as well but non-main characters seem silly to do this with. ([email protected]/7887533380/)
Above-TV ([email protected]/7887533380/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887533244/)
Anniversaries-1-&-2 ([email protected]/7887533244/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887532770/)
Flood-Battle ([email protected]/7887532770/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887532534/)
Main-Shot ([email protected]/7887532534/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887532396/)
Mongoose-with-LEDS ([email protected]/7887532396/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887531548/)
Warthog-Area ([email protected]/7887531548/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887532092/)
Noble-Team-Pose-2 ([email protected]/7887532092/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887532248/)
Noble-Team-Pose-1 ([email protected]/7887532248/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887532650/)
Kat-&-Carter ([email protected]/7887532650/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887532870/)
Elite-on-Ghost ([email protected]/7887532870/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887533110/)
Brutes-and-Elites ([email protected]/7887533110/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887532986/)
Corner-Shot ([email protected]/7887532986/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887531958/)
Old-Elite-Figures ([email protected]/7887531958/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887531860/)
Older-Halo-FIgs ([email protected]/7887531860/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7887531686/)
Reach-Figs ([email protected]/7887531686/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr

08-29-2012, 11:39 AM ([email protected]/7888286536/)
12' ([email protected]/7888286536/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr ([email protected]/7888286326/)
Square-Enix ([email protected]/7888286326/) by Phastroh1 ([email protected]/), on Flickr

giant monster
08-30-2012, 12:00 AM
All these are yours?:eek:

08-31-2012, 09:59 AM
All these are yours?:eek:

Yes they are! I still have some off camera that I missed.

I also have a huge Box that my grill came in packed to the top with Halo 3 stuff and a little older all in boxes. problem though is I almost have to keep it in my attic which I found when i opened the box some were getting dented, probably due to the heat. I have to figure out a better, cooler place to keep them.

Also not pictured in all my Gears of War, Star Wars and Bioshock stuff but this is just my Halo stuff. Wish I had all the Kai Arts but not yet.

I am planing to either put some more up this weekend or I may try tio design a bar that I can stick them to so they don't fall. Typically they don't but there are a few that tend to either be flimsy or are hard to pose. I guess with all they make it is hard to get them all perfect.

giant monster
09-05-2012, 10:53 PM
Yes, I can understand. By the way, I really look forward to you Star Wars display.:p

10-02-2012, 11:13 AM
Yes, I can understand. By the way, I really look forward to you Star Wars display.:p

Trust me my Star Wars section is very small. Big Tie Fighter, X-wing, Darth Vaders ship, Boba Fetts Metal head(8 inch), and AT-ST and a Darth Vader Red Glass Saber. I think that is it, no wait I have a snow speeder.

The main reason I do not have more is because when I look all I find is the newer ships and I personally like the older ones. I would buy a B-Wing or the Tie Interceptor but they are hard to find and honestly I have been buying more Halo 4 stuff.

I actually just bought a Kai Arts Gold Spartan, and 3 Halo Reach Kai Arts figures so that was like $200 for all 4. I got the 6, Emile and Jun Combo.

I have been searching for the WETA Master Chief and Arbiter statue but I cannot locate one and no-one is prolly selling one. If so they usually was way more than I will pay.

I was also thinking of not displaying a lot of my McFarlane Halo figures so I can show of my Kai Art Halo figures instead. Those McFarlane figure do not always stay standing and why they never sold them with foot holes and even carried stands we could buy if wanted is beyond me. Why make stuff that doesn't stand right and offer no display methods.

I come upstairs and find things on the floor all the time after spending 15 minutes getting it set up. I even broke one 12" Spartan because it decided to fall over so I don't even put them up there anymore.

I was close to buying putty and making little stands for them all.