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MrMyeres AFRs
05-02-2012, 05:18 PM
Play Arts Kai MGS Solid Snake & Cyborg Ninja (Gray Fox)

Packaging: Both Feature the same package being bright white boxes that are quite eye catching. They mention the 25th anniversary as well. They are collector friendly also. They have some nice shot of each character on the back to show them off.

Sculpt: They have fantastic sculpt and feature lots of intricate details. Snakes outfit is masterfully done recreating his game counterpart very well. The sculpt works well with the articulation not hindering it to any significant degree. A lot of people are critisizing the head sculpt for Snake but I think these people are hard to impress because it is really quite good, though I do think it looks better in person than most pictures. Gray Fox feature finer details than Snake but is amazing none the less. The armor looks fantastic and works well with the joints he has which are numerable. The spine is particularly eye catching.

Paint: The painting is very well done on both figures though my Gray Fox has one small blemish on his stomach off to the side. Snake has nice clean lines and subtle dark washes making his outfit look very cool. Gray Fox features the same great work with the addition of many small warnings on different parts of the armor.

Articulation: Both figures are very posable and all the joints feel quite sturdy. The articulation does works well with their individual sculpts. They feature: ball and hinged neck (Snake Only), ball abdomen, ball waist, ball & hinged Shoulders, ball elbows, ball wrists, ball hips, double hinged knees, and ball ankles. Other pieces such as Gray Foxes' should pads and Snake Elbow Pads also move.

Accessories: Snake includes a pistol with Silencer as well and an assault rifle and a pair of fists as well. Both guns look good and can easily be held or carried via a holster of gun strap. Gray fox features an extra gesturing hand, his Katana which he can hold quite well with fear of it slipping from his hand. He also has a replaceable arm that is a gun.

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