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MrMyeres AFRs
05-02-2012, 05:16 PM
Play Arts Kai God of War Kratos

Video Review Here: God of War Kratos - Play Arts Kai - YouTube

Packaging: He has the usual box PAK figure feature with great graphics and design, This time around though it also feature a window flap with the GoW story on the inside. This has been done at least twice before with PAK and really upgrades the overall collector appeal to the product.

Sculpt: Like most all of the PAK figure the sculpt is very well done. It has many intricate details in the body that work well for the character. He has a very menacing look to him and really captures Kratos' primal imposing demeanor. The Fleece armor looks greats to and also has many fine details that improve the overall look making it quite eye catching. It works well with the articulation not hindering arm movement. The skirt armor look great and function quite well not restricting leg movement.

Paint: The painting is very well done and compliments the intricate sculpting. The application is clean with crisp line and little to no bleed. Washes are used to bring out finer details in the armor. His face is very well done also really bring the character to life .

Articulation: Kratos is very posable and all the joints feel quite sturdy. Joints like the knees and elbows for example feature a ratcheting mechanism to help him retain a pose. He does however suffer from his ball joint hips having difficulty holding the weight of the body as many PAK figures do. He can be difficult to keep standing without some kind of aid. The articulation does works well with his sculpt though. He feature: ball and hinged neck, ball abdomen, ball waist, ball shoulders, ball elbows, ball wrists, ball hips, double hinged knees, and ball ankles.

Accessories: He includes the blades of Athena and the claws of Hades. Both weapon sets are amazing sculpted and painted. He also includes 2 sets of hands: open and slightly closed for holding weapons. He also has 2 lengths of chain that can be attached to his wrists and weapon handles via small plugs. Lastly he includes a small white bar that can be inserted into his back and through the weapons to have him wear them across his back.

05-09-2012, 08:13 PM
Those are actually the Blades of Exile, which Kratos receives after he loses the Blades of Athena - just FYI.

Nice review, Jorge will be reviewing Kratos officially for shortly as well and I actually have the figure on order from HK and hope to receive it in the next week or so.