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03-13-2012, 12:50 PM
Hi everyone. Here's my first post, and my first custom:
Super-Deformed Usagi Yojimbo!

I didn't like my Usagi Yojimbo PVC statue from Dark Horse (it doesn't capture his look from the comics and his eyes look stupid in my opinion). So.. I decided that instead of it sitting away in darkness I would cut it up and try to make it look better / stupid / whatever - the point is it would be different.

So here it is. With the same level of articulation as it had before, but now as some sort of midget. Or.. I guess it could be repainted to look like Jotaro? (Usagi's son), but I'm pretty happy with midget for now.
As an unintended result, the Usagi can now balance on one foot as in the top picture. Or on both by rotating the feet as in the right. The joints look just as good as the original and the final bottom-right picture are what I used as well as the pieces I was left with.

and here's what the original figure looked like:

Method for arms
1. Remove arms from shoulder.
2. Cut the ball segment from the arms' shoulder joints.
3. Cut the arms shorter and super-glue the sockets to them.
4. Re-attach arms to shoulder.

Method for legs
1. Slice legs off at groin.
2. Slice ankles off from leg.
3. Twist, jam, and cram the ankles into the legs.
4. From the inside (accessed via torso joint), super glue ankles to legs.

Method for feet (the angles were a bit off)
1. Bend and warp ankle such that the feet are close to flat.
2. Un-bend, apply super-glue to the ankle.
3. Force it back into the bent shape and hold until dry.