Gecco reveals the next mini figure in their Little Nightmares Mini Figure Collection: The Twin Chefs! Based on the popular puzzle-platform horror adventure game developed by Tarsier Studios, Little Nightmares follows the journey of Six, a hungry little girl who must escape the Maw, an iron vessel inhabited by monstrous, twisted beings.

The Twin Chefs (1)

The Twin Chefs are responsible for the food on the vessel Maw, the main stage of Little Nightmares, are now available as a palm-sized figure. The grotesquely sculpted flabby flesh and skin captures the haunting creepiness of the characters. The chefs’ items, such as knives and ingredients, are finely captured recreating the kitchen in the game. The composition of the brutal chefs, who do not allow anyone to sneak into the kitchen, create a suspenseful atmosphere with Six hiding underneath the cooking table!

The Twin Chefs (6)

The Twin Chefs are available for pre-order now via Gecco Direct priced at $52.99.  They are scheduled to ship June~ July 2023.