A little over half a decade ago, Mondo released its first-ever Masters of the Universe collectible: not only was it was first ever 1/6th scale MOTU collectible, but Mondo had the freedom to redefine the character and update it in a way that now only Mondo is known for.

This first-ever release in this line was He-Man.

Now over six years later, and after 10 different figures in the Mondo / MOTU collection, the company is proud to present the return of He-Man to this line. This version is the definitive version of He-Man, as well as some of his most well-known accessories from the original Mattel releases in the ‘80s.

This He-Man Deluxe Mondo Exclusive will only be available at mondoshop.com as a 24 hour timed edition.

The pre-order is now live, the figure priced at $260.