Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Thanos 1:3 Scale Statue. Pre-orders are now open at, the massive statue priced at $1500.

Inspired by his appearance in the hit mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions, the Thanos 1:3 Scale Statue measures 34” tall and 27” wide, standing on a Battlerealm base. Wielding the completed Infinity Gauntlet, which includes a light-up feature, the villain stalks through the charred landscape. The Thanos Statue is fully sculpted to capture the sheer might and size of the Mad Titan. He has a textured blue bodysuit and gold metallic armor elements and silver accents. The massive statue features two portraits — one stoic in his pursuit of domination, and one snarling as he wipes out the opposition with ease.



– Retail price : $1,500
– Approx Dims 34”H x 28”W x 25”D
– Est Ship Date: Nov – Jan 2023
– Edition Size : 400
– Includes :

Fully Sculpted Figure
Light-Up Infinity Gauntlet
Swap-Out Grimacing Portrait
Detailed Environment Base