Slithering between rocks on the planet known as Third Earth, a stocky, green-skinned figure covered in scales, with spikes protruding from its back and a strong, muscular tail, firmly grips its battle-ax in its right fist. A member of the reptilian race of lizard-like anthropomorphic creatures from the planet Plun-Darr, Iron Studios presents a statue of Slithe, the surly self-proclaimed commander of the Mutants, a group formed by the races of different animalistic humanoid barbarians and self-professed enemies of the ThunderCats.

Cast in polystone, the 1/10th scale Slithe statue measures 6.7 in (H) x 7.5 in (W) x 8.3 in (D). This piece joins the evil Mumm-Ra in Iron Studios’ ThunderCats priced at $159.99. The statue is scheduled to ship in the third quarter of 2022.