With the recent news of their DLX Iron Man Mark 44 “Hulkbuster” armor (see our story HERE), Threezero announces that they will be producing a new batch of DLX Iron Man Mark 43 figures.

Standing 6.5 inches tall, the Iron Man MK 43 features detachable forearms and an upper-torso which allows the armor to fit inside the Mark 44 Hulkbuster (sold separately). Attachable arm rockets can be fixed onto both forearms, and two lighting functions are located on the figure; one in the chest and one in the eyes. The two air flaps on the back could be flipped open and close.

Pre-orders are now open at the Threezero Store (threezerohk.com), the figure priced at $89.90 with shipping expected shipment is first quarter of 2022.