From the depths of Mordor, an army or Orcs approaches! Iron Studios proudly presents three new additions to their Lord of the Rings 1/10 Art Scale statue series: Archer Orc, Armored Orc and Swordsman Orc!

In the past, they were once Elfs. Tortured and mutilated by the evil powers of Morgoth, the first dark lord of Middle Earth, they were transformed into a new grotesque form of life, the Orcs. Stretching his bow and arrow to shoot his poison-tipped arrow, the monstrous being with greenish skin, long pointed ears, and serrated teeth prepares his attack, ready to do anything to defend his territory. Beside him, on top of a tomb that houses the skeleton of a former Lord Dwarf, another of his brothers in arms is also prepared to attack, protected by rustic armor and wielding his spear and shield.

Based on original movie references, each hand-painted polystone statue stands 6-7 inches tall. Arriving in the fourth quarter of 2021, the Archer and Swordsman are each priced at $139.99, while the larger 7.8-inch Armored Orc is priced at $159.99. Check out the new images below!

Archer Orc:


Armored Orc:


Swordsman Orc: