Okay, so this is a collectible I’ve always wanted – I was simply waiting on someone to make one: The Book of the Dead – Necronomicon – from Evil Dead 2. Trick or Treat Studios is behind this and you can read a great review on it from my friend Michael Crawford HERE. For those interested in purchasing one, you can get one HERE.


Left: Original Necronomicon, Right: My Repaint


I knew what I was getting into when I got this as I had seen/held it in person at Toy Fair (back when there was one) in 2020. It’s not exactly $80 cool, but then again, where else ya gonna get an affordable Book of the Dead replica? (Handcrafted versions aren’t cheap).


The selling point for me was the illustrated pages and the sculpted cover is great. The paint job? Let’s just say it could have been better. So I repainted it 🙂 


While I took some artistic liberties, it was all about getting the sculpted latex relief to POP. One day I’ll even get into the interior pages and age them better (coffee grounds are your friend), add some finger blood smears, etc. As a display piece this rocks, but it’s still a cheaply made replica – no weight to it and it doesn’t hold thick like a book should – it’s more like a high school binder. Still, it is what it is – a must-own piece of horror movie memorabilia – and at least I now think it looks cooler. 

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Book of the Dead on display with my homemade Phantasm Sphere and Hellraiser Cube (from NECA’s first series action figures, repainted with gold leaf pen).

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