Super7 has opened orders for four more [email protected] exclusives! Available at, these include:


Peanuts ReAction Figure – Spike Cactus Card – $20

It’s Snoopy’s laid back desert dwelling brother (and pen-pal) from Needles, California, brought to life on a custom die cut cactus shaped card back.


Peanuts Big Vinyl – Snoopy Soft Ears – $195

This 12” tall, vinyl Snoopy features soft felted ears and a real collar with metal tag, and comes to you with an authentic adoption certificate in a pet carrier, straight from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm!


Back To The Future ReAction Figure Wave 1 – Marty McFly Hoverboard – $20

Direct from Back To The Future II is the Super7 exclusive 3.75″ Marty McFly ReAction from “the future” of 2015! Future Marty comes with a hoverboard accessory on an oversize hoverboard card back!


Weird Science ReAction Figure – Shit-Toad Chet Glow-In-The-Dark – $20

From the summer of 1985 drops “transformed” Chet from Weird Science. The repentant Shit-Toad Chet is glow-in-the-dark to amplify his grossness.