-Review and Photos By Andy Jones

We’re not done looking at the Playmobil Crystal Palace series. In our prior review (check it out HERE), we looked at the Crystal Gate to Winter World, the Phoenix, the Yeti and a Royal Couple. But we saved the biggest and best for last. Check out these two Playmobil Crystal playsets packed with features and surprises.


Crystal Diamond Hideout (9470)

The Crystal Diamond Hideout features a lovely cave. I particularly like the shiny pink “steps” inside that give it some real play value, its not just a hollowed out mountain. Playmobil continued the motif of spring and winter battling for space as there is both snow and grass and flowery tufts poking through. There’s ice, rock, grass, flowers, and water all in this one environment.


Here’s where the fun comes in. There is a life-sized key that is easy for kids to use (but the figures can hold it too). Place the key into the blue bolt on the mountain crest and turn to either connect the ice bridge so you can cross, or separate the bridge to keep your enemies at bay, and your secrets safe. You also use the key to activate the massive glowing gem. A series of LEDs either shine all white, or cycle through colors in a magical pattern. 2 AAA batteries not included.


There’s another blue bolt on the ground near the springtime grass. Turn that bolt to unlock the mountain steps and they can slide over to allow the figures to travel up and down.


I love all the creatures (swans, an owl, a songbird, bunnies), gems, and flowers. There are tons of ways to arrange the animals and flowers and really immerse you (or your kid!) in the whimsy of this playset. Check out the gallery below for more details.


Crystal Palace (9469)

This behemoth castle boasts 3 levels, two staircases, tons of rooms and loads of accessories. If you want to be THE MVP this holiday season, you’d have a tough time beating this fortress. It’s absolutely massive at just over 2 feet tall. Included are three figures, a couple of bunnies and then tons of accessories and furniture.


Starting at the bottom, there’s a crystal cave where you can stash the light up gem that activates with the same type of key (2 AAA batteries required). The fun part is that the floor of the middle level has a snowflake style “skylight” so the gem can shine from below. There’s a door on the cave, as well as curvy crystal stairs leading up to the main door on the second floor.


There’s opening doors on the second floor but if you press the gemstone placard above the doors, hidden ice-cycles pop out as an additional level of security. They easily snap back into place once you’ve cleared the visitors waiting by the door.


The second floor has tons of space for you to line up the furniture, but you can decide how you want to outfit each level. The list of furniture includes a bed, a vanity with a mirror, a foot bench, a coffee table, a writing desk, a garment rack, a rocking chair and a throne-style chair, a telescope, and another table. Decorate as you choose, maybe you make the upstairs the bedroom? Up to you!


There are several staircases through out, but there’s even a hidden set of stairs. The steps going around the tower on the second level fold up and down, preventing those you don’t allow, from accessing the top level.


I also liked all the little accessories, there’s a chest of gems, flower pots, a chalice, a crown, a translucent dress, a hairbrush, and hand mirror, a handkerchief and more. But my favorite is the feather pen with inkwell and love letters. The princess can sit in her tower penning love letters to her mysterious amour. Is it the palace guard or someone far away? It’s up to you.


This set is huge and you or the princess that runs your kingdom will love arranging the furniture and creating hundreds of stories and adventures.

Review and Photos By Andy Jones

Review Samples Courtesy of Playmobil

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